Going on Vacation? Remember These 7 Helpful Landscaping Tips

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on July 20, 2020
Greenwise Lawn
KEEP YOUR LAWN LOOKING LIKE YOU NEVER LEFT! Going on vacation can be hectic, but don’t forget to take the time to ensure your home looks cared for. Following these 7 helpful landscaping tips will give you the peace of mind you deserve to fully enjoy your much-needed and anticipated vacation!
  1. Making arrangements to keep your lawn maintained close to your regular schedule, so it is less obvious you are gone. Hire a lawn care service or a reliable neighbor.
  2. Ensuring you have a drought backup plan, and making sure it’s reliable. Call us if you need help. We offer watering services, especially during the hot summer months. Having someone on your property a few days a week helps ensure your home is safe.
  3. Setting up maintenance and irrigation means you can go on vacation for as long as you want, worry-free. (Don’t have irrigation set up or can’t afford it? For about $50 from your local hardware store, you can get a spigot splitter and a timer. A great solution for vacations and small spaces.)
  4. New plantings need to be watered more frequently. Perennials require the most care, unless they are native plants. Natives can tolerate drought. Your small established shrubs and trees will be fine. Click here for more watering tips.
  5. Mulching helps retain moisture and cool the soil, which will help keep your plants healthy while you are away.
  6. Grouping all the containers into one or two areas to make watering easier. The same is true for your houseplants.
  7. Keeping your landscaping tidy before heading out on vacation helps prevent theft. You don’t want the house to look empty. Savvy thieves may cause the house to see your patterns, and a neglected yard is a sign you aren’t there to keep it up. And, don’t forget to keep your shrubs and hedges maintained by trimming and pruning them, especially near your front entrance, to reduce hiding places for thieves.
Now, go ahead and enjoy your vacation! Your lawn will look like you never left!