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Deterring Mosquitoes and Ticks, Protecting Pollinators

Natural Insect Deterrent

Eliminating Mosquitoes and Ticks

Not only are mosquitoes pesky, they can carry with them harmful diseases. Our Mosquito Control product is natural, non-toxic, and safe for you and your pets! We use an all-natural, cedarwood oil product, which is an essential oil. A single application effectively kills mosquitoes, eggs, and larvae and deters adult mosquitoes from entering the treated area well after your property has been serviced.

Ticks can also introduce harmful diseases to both pets and people. Our Tick Control service uses the same cedarwood oil product, which is effective in both killing ticks and deterring other ticks from entering your property. Plus, it’s effective against ants and mites as well!

This service brings a pleasant aroma after application, so you will know that our technicians were there!

Why Choose Greenwise For Mosquito & Tick Control?

As with all of our services, with Greenwise you have peace of mind that our products are safe for you, your family, and your pets. Many common pesticides and insecticides use chemicals that can be dangerous to wildlife and the environment. Lawn chemicals have varying degrees of toxicity to humans, fish, and birds, so it’s important that you know what’s being applied to your lawn and plants. Some of these chemicals are more quickly absorbed into our waterways, and many of them are extremely toxic to bees, a crucial pollinator we can’t afford to harm.

Greenwise avoids these chemicals by providing natural, sustainable pest control services. The formulation in our cedarwood-oil based kills existing mosquitos and helps prevent them from cropping up again in the future. Don’t worry – our services are 100% safe for pollinators, fireflies, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, pets, and children.

How Often Should My Property Be Treated?

Because the product is an essential oil, its residual effect is more than traditional chemicals. To maximize effectiveness, bi-weekly treatments are recommended throughout the season.

For effective mosquito control, we recommend bi-weekly applications between Memorial Day through the end of September. This equates to 10 visits per season. Many clients opt for weekly visits, 20 in total, and we also offer monthly applications as well.

For effective tick control, we recommend that services begin earlier in the year, starting in mid-April, through the end of October. This equates to 15 visits per season. Certain properties may require more frequent applications in the spring and fall.

For treating both mosquitos and ticks, 15 visits per season will have you covered!

Where and How We Treat

Our technicians treat your lawn areas on each visit

Evergreens are often magnets for mosquitoes. Our technicians spray into tree canopies with the goal of penetrating the foliage

Technicians will treat garden beds, including all border beds, to create a barrier around your property

Flowers, perennials and all pollinator plants can be safely sprayed with cedarwood oil

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