Organic Lawn Fertilization In Chicago and the Surrounding Area

100% organic fertilizers to create thriving, healthy lawns.

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Our Unique Approach to Fertilization

A well-crafted organic lawn care plan starts with a base fertilization program. Your lawn needs to be fed just like any other living organism, and fertilizers replenish your soil with the important nutrients it needs for your grass to grow. Additionally, an appropriately fertilized lawn (not too much, not too little!) is less susceptible to disease or pest issues, two of the most common lawn issues.

Some companies promote “organic-based” or “transition” lawn care programs, which often use conventional, synthetic fertilizers. Greenwise clients can rest assured that our products are 100% organic and safe for you, your loved ones, your pets, and the environment around us.

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Why Use Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are often preferred by those that value sustainability and seek to avoid the health and environmental risks posed by synthetic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are slow-release, meaning they break down and provide nutrients in lower amounts over a more extended time period. Depending on the source of the fertilizer, it’s important to understand the source and composition so its nutrients are appropriate for your grass, plants, and gardens.

Not all organic fertilizers are created equal. At Greenwise, we source our base fertilizer from Midwest poultry farms which compost the material over six months. This base fertilizer is then custom-blended to Greenwise specifications, with organic components added to create multiple fertilizers suited for spring, summer and fall. The result is fertilizers that are 100% organic, effective and custom-tailored to soil conditions in our service areas.

Our team is consistently researching and innovating on ways to improve the quality of our fertilizer, which translates into regular changes to product specifications. What doesn’t change is the efficacy and safety of our fertilizers.

Our 5-Step Fertilization Program



Derived corn gluten meal awakens your lawn early in the season for early spring green-up



Spring premium organic foliar blend adds color and density while promoting root development



Late-spring slow-release feeding encourages summer turf health and vigor


Early fall nutrition-packed organic fertilizer assists in root development, fall color, and turf density



Lawns fade late in the season and need an extra boost. Bolster your turf’s performance through the fall with this organic blend of slow-release fertilizer

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