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Premium Mulch Installation


We select and install premium mulches for your garden in either shredded hardwood or pine fine. Our pricing is based on cubic yards of mulch installed.


Greenwise edges and removes weeds from your garden beds to prepare for mulch installation.


We carefully dress your garden beds in a 1- to 2-inch layer of finely ground, locally sourced, aged, dark brown hardwood mulch.

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Mulch Installation
Mulch Installation

Benefits of Using Premium Mulch

Mulch is beneficial to any lawn, but premium, high-quality mulch delivers far better results for Chicago homeowners. When you choose premium mulch, it can:

  • Suppress weeds
  • Keep the soil warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Conserve moisture
  • Build topsoil
  • Provide nutrients
  • Prevent erosion
  • Increase drought tolerance
  • Protect plants from winter damage
  • Create beautiful gardens

Learn more about the magic of mulch and how it benefits your garden!

What Types of Mulch Are Available for My Chicagoland Garden?

Greenwise is able to install a variety of mulches, such as:

Triple-ground, premium hardwood mulch is our standard for garden beds and most projects. It is aged and partially composted to provide readily available nutrients. This rich, chocolate brown mulch makes every garden look complete.

Leaf mulch is the best choice when choosing a mulch for vegetable beds or to improve the quality of the soil. Leaf mulch breaks down quickly, increases soil fertility, and draws worms and other beneficial organisms to your garden.

Playground mulch is specifically screened for size and consistency to produce a more durable, woody product ideal for pathways and play areas.

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Large home improvement stores may have great deals on mulch, but it may not be sourced in the most beneficial way. Greenwise uses locally sourced mulch that is more sustainable, decreases your carbon footprint, and vastly reduces the spread of disease.
To request more information about our mulching services in the Chicago area or to schedule service, give us a call at 847-866-1930 or contact us online.


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