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What is Aeration?

Aeration is an important step in an organic lawn care program. Over time, soil can become compacted, particularly for lawns that are used regularly! Aeration helps relieve this compaction, which allows the grass’s roots to grow deeper into the soil. Deeper root growth means the grass can better absorb water and nutrients, including organic fertilizers.

In the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas, our soils are mostly clay, which means we often see soil compaction when first evaluating a lawn. Aeration will break up the soil and provide pathways for important elements to enter the turf’s root zone, promoting and stimulating lawn growth and density.

Aeration can be done in either the spring or the fall. For the spring, we recommend our Microbial Aeration service, during which we apply a product comprised of grain by-products. For the fall, we recommend Core Aeration, where aerators remove small cores from your lawn, opening up space for oxygen, water, and nutrients to enter the root base.

Soil Enhancement Services

Microbial Aeration

Whether in Chicago or Milwaukee, the spring season can be wet! We recommend our Microbial Aeration for clients interested in spring aeration, which is preferable in wet conditions. We apply an all-natural, grains-based product, similar to how fertilizer is applied. When applied, it works to increase the soil microbe populations in your soil. These microbes reduce compaction, creating more space for water penetration and root proliferation. Our clients have seen tremendous results with this service, both for lawns and newly planted trees and shrubs! We recommend one application annually, performed in the spring.
Soil Enhancement Services

Core Aeration

Mechanical, core aeration is the most common method to relieve soil compaction. In addition to pulling cores from the soil, this service can remove existing thatch, a layer of dead grass that accumulates and forms a barrier between the soil and the grass in your lawn. With plugs pulled and thatch removed, nutrients can more readily flow to the roots of your grass, which over time will help establish a thicker, more resilient lawn. With all of our core aeration services, we apply our custom-blended PRIME Soil Builder, a gypsum-based product that further reduces soil compaction. Additionally, we recommend that core aeration be combined with overseeding to fill in gaps and bare spots, particularly in the fall, so the turf can establish itself ahead of the spring and outcompete weeds.


Soil Enhancement Services

PRIME Organic Soil Builder

To relieve soil compaction, we also use PRIME, our custom-blended, 100% organic soil builder. This product is comprised largely of gypsum, which is a naturally-occurring mineral that improves soil structure. PRIME breaks up the soil, increasing air movement and the ability of your lawn to absorb water. Additionally, PRIME will help dislodge salt in the soil. We apply PRIME in all core aerations, and we offer it as a standalone application in the spring and summer as well!




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