Zero Tolerance Snow Clearing Package

Zero Tolerance Snow Clearing Package

marmaduke sliding on ice

Looks like Marmaduke could use our Zero Tolerance Package!

Our Zero Tolerance Snow Clearing Package is the must-have package for many businesses, high-traffic areas, schools, apartment complexes, and many of our residential clients. If you need your property completely clear at all times, Zero Tolerance is the right package for you.

All of our package contract period begins on November 1 and continues through March 31.

How Zero Tolerance Works
When you pre-pay for your Zero Tolerance snow clearing package, you receive unlimited route activations during the contract period, regardless of accumulation. One fee covers all snow clearing, ice melt, and de-icing services for the entire season. No minimum trigger, no blizzard charges.

With every visit, LEED-certified, eco-friendly ice melt is applied to your property. Our ice melt prevents against ice build-up, melts snow from lighter events, and helps protect against drifting snow.

When Do We Activate Zero Tolerance?

We activate our Zero Tolerance routes whenever hazardous conditions are forecasted. Our Zero Tolerance customers are the first properties we service during any snow event.

We will send you monthly statements to show the charges for the previous month’s services.

Call us at 847.866.1930 to learn more about our Zero Tolerance Snow Clearing Package.

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