Organic Soil Solutions to Improve Your Lawn

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on April 11, 2024

Organic Soil Solutions to Improve Your Lawn

At Greenwise, we are all about soil health (some would call us soil nerds!). The microbiome in a lawn’s soil is the key ingredient to lush, lasting turf. To build your organic lawn, we have to start below the roots! Here’s a deep dive into why soil health is important and ways you can improve it.

The Soil Food Web

This is a complex community made up of fungi, bacteria, and more. This ecosystem decomposes organic materials, unlocks nutrients, and regulates water flow. Overall, it acts like an immune system for your soil and lawn, warding off harmful pathogens.

Organic Fertilizer

At Greenwise, we believe in slow-release organic fertilizers that provide nutrients for long-term growth. Our organic fertilizers start with a base of composted turkey litter, which is composted for 6+ months. With additional organic additives, we change the nutrient content depending on what’s appropriate for the time of year. Organic fertilizers are safe for people and pets, and they avoid potential soil toxicity caused by petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers.

Soil Conditioner

Soil building products can provide a habitat and food for beneficial microbes. We offer our PRIME Soil Builder (gypsum-based) and Microbial Aeration (spent grains!) products to enhance soil structure.


Aeration reduces compaction and improves the flow of air and water in your lawn’s soil. This practice is essential for root and microbe health. While core aeration is the most common, new products for granular aeration have become available, which provide similar benefits and avoid potential damage to your lawn, particularly in the spring months.


Seed is a vital tool in an organic lawn program. Regular seeding fills in bare spots that naturally occur in any lawn. Spring and fall are ideal times to seed, whether it’s maintenance overseeding, spot seeding specific areas, or a restorative slice seed. Slice seeding, or slit seeding, revitalizes lawns and can be truly transformative!

Mowing and Watering Practices

Proper mowing of your lawn is critical to its long-term success! We recommend mowing at 3+ inches to avoid stressing your turf. Additionally, while regular watering is important, it should be moderated throughout the growing season. You can find more tips on watering your lawn and plants here!

These are the ingredients for a lasting, successful organic lawn. Reach out to our team with any questions. We’re here to help!