Creating a Modern, Sustainable Landscape Design

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on July 28, 2021

Escaping to your peaceful, beautiful backyard is a haven for the best of times, and the mother of necessity for the worst.

One of our North Shore clients was fortunate enough to create their own backyard retreat and was especially lucky to have completed their outdoor space just before COVID struck. Now, they have ample space for everyone in their family and their close friends to gather together around the fire pit, share a meal, or relax by themselves on a couch or the hammock.

When this family moved to the area from out east more than six years ago, they chose Greenwise for their lawn care.

“We chose Greenwise because they offered natural lawn care solutions and their approach to lawn care (mow high!) really resonated with us,” says the homeowner.

Once our client was ready to invest in their backyard space a few years later, Greenwise was the obvious choice. They wanted their landscaping to match their home’s mid-century aesthetic.

“We were looking for a clean and modern landscape design. It was really easy to find ideas from the internet, such as Pinterest and Houzz, and found it really useful to find examples of what we liked as well as what we did not like.  Our Greenwise designer understood what we were looking for in terms of functionality and aesthetics and was a terrific thought partner,” says our client.

They found working with our Greenwise designer a satisfying and creative process. We created a phased approach to the design, which helped our client complete some of the elements in the short term and add more elements in subsequent years.

When it came time to put the plan into action, “We felt very confident with the partners Greenwise chooses and knew the craftmanship would be high quality and the projects would be completed on time,” says the homeowner.

Now that the backyard design is complete, they are working on their goal to improve the drainage and reduce impermeable surfaces around the home. Many years of heavy rainfall and stormwater issues have convinced them that permeable pavers are the solution.

“Installing a permeable driveway is just another step towards our overall goal and provides a great opportunity to add a design feature in an otherwise utilitarian space,” says our client.

This Greenwise home reflects its owners’ modern aesthetic and embodies their desire to lighten their footprint. They continue to follow the Greenwise mantra to mow high and have implemented electric maintenance equipment as their sole approach to lawn care.

Let us help you build the landscape of your dreams, giving you a bit of heaven in your own backyard. Call us at (847) 866-1930 or email us at today! We’ve got a team of talented landscape designers waiting to help you!