Ridgeville Park’s Unity Soccer Festival

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on April 7, 2023

You knew we could find our way around a garden or your lawn, but I’m guessing you didn’t know we could make it happen on the pitch! We did it–some of us never played the game of soccer before (me), some of us not since 5th grade (Michelle), and a few ringers who are avid soccer players (Christoph, Marc, and Sandro–thank you for saving us!).

Plus, we had Michelle’s husband and his mother who protected our goal (even though goals were not the goal).

My husband started the Evanston Unity Soccer Festival 5 years ago with the idea that we needed to bring our community together and what better way than playing the beautiful game. It’s always the second week of July from 10am-1pm. Live music, tacos, drummers, bouncy house, and tons of fun. Each team donates $50 to the Ridgeville Park District’s Scholarship fund, enabling kids to participate in camps and programming.

Austin Hall, the owner of Greenwise, generously sponsored our team and we had a blast. Hope to see you out there next July 11 (help Elliott and I celebrate our 22nd anniversary!)

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