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Growing season is our busiest time of year, so act now if you want to get on our organic turf care program!

Our goal is to create 100% ecologically friendly lawns. We take great pride in providing organic lawn care services in Chicago that our clients can enjoy throughout the year. To that end, we are constantly searching for the best, all-natural fertilizers and techniques to offer you. We strive to create healthy lawns, flourishing flower beds, and water features that create a pleasant and peaceful ambiance that are free of chemical pollution and toxic residues.

Our organic lawn care program gives you the tools you need to help your garden and lawn thrive, including:

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Understanding the Importance of Organic Lawn Care 

Organic lawn care is intended to minimize environmental pollution. It offers many advantages over traditional lawn care methods and is growing in popularity throughout the Chicago region. As opposed to speedy results, organic lawn care is designed to create a long-term, sustainable solution within your landscape. By choosing organics, you are creating a more ecologically friendly and economically viable alternative for establishing a healthy ecosystem on your property.

Organic lawn care relies on natural fertilizers that are made from 100% ecologically friendly ingredients. This means they do not introduce toxic chemicals into the soil. This makes them safe for use around children and pets, and of course for you and the environment.

Over time, the healthy ecosystem that develops will result in easier maintenance, better weed control, greener grass, and healthier foliage. This results in fewer pests and other problems that can manifest themselves in less environmentally friendly landscapes.

Ecological Advantages of Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care treatments improve soil health and help your landscape retain moisture throughout the seasons. Physically, this creates strong roots and better nutrient absorption. Aesthetically, it creates a lush and green landscape for you and your family to enjoy.

The organic fertilizers utilized within eco-friendly landscapes are fully biodegradable. That means that they are beneficial to earthworms and create an environment where beneficial microbes and other organisms can flourish.

Using organic lawn care techniques helps protect the grass and creates conditions conducive for strong root growth and plant propagation. It releases a steady flow of carbon dioxide that facilitates strong photosynthesis, which expedites plant growth and flower formation.

Equally as important, organic fertilizers don't burn the grass or lead to problems of overfeeding that can occur when chemical fertilizers are used. This helps protect the landscape from insect infestations and other damage that can occur when grass dies and invasive plant species attempt to take root in the landscape.

Organic Lawn Care Services in Chicagoland

We offer a wide range of organic lawn care services to our Chicagoland clients. In addition to pruning, aeration, seeding, mowing, mulching, and composting, our services include our 5-step fertilization program and natural weed management. Did you know we even have a safe way to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks? Plus, we can deter raccoons, skunks and rabbits from digging in your lawn and garden with our All-Natural Animal Deterrent. We want you to enjoy every aspect of your yard!

When everything is said and the work is done, we guarantee you that your landscape will be a safe and healthy environment where your family and pets can rest and relax without any worries about chemical contamination.

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"Marc and his crew went above and beyond in keeping our drainage and seeding project costs down. Constant communication, amazing agriculture education. I cannot recommend them enough."

- Rachel, Highland Park



“We use Greenwise year-round for both lawn/garden care and snow removal. They are amazing! The customer service and communication keeps us informed and knowing exactly what to expect.”

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We are committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscaping and organic lawn care—starting with you.

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