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Grub Worm Treatment

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Normally, it's challenging to apply organic grub control at the right time, but our organic grub treatment works throughout all three stages of grub development. Because it affects grubs in their more mature stages, it's both a curative and a preventative treatment. That's a good thing.

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How Do I Know If I Have Grub Worms?

Are you unsure if you have grub activity in your lawn? Here are some things to look for:

  • Damage to your lawn, especially dead patches of grass
  • Your lawn feels spongy when you walk on it
  • Turf that lifts easily off the soil surface
  • Birds, skunks, or moles digging up your grass

Grub Treatment in Chicago & Surrounding Areas

Ideally, we want to attack the grubs at their first and last stage of development. With that in mind, we typically apply this product twice a season—once in early summer (early July) and again in late summer (mid-August).

Our treatment is a naturally occurring bacteria that works by coming into contact with the grub egg, larva, or pupa. For this treatment to work effectively, watering your lawn is critical to ensuring our product reaches the layer of soil where the pests live. Generally, you can accomplish this by watering a quarter- to a half-inch over your grass.

All-Natural & Organic Grub Worm Treatments

Like everything we do, our grub worm treatment is 100% safe. Our all-natural, organic grub worm prevention package effectively kills grubs without damaging beneficial insects or pollinators. You can use it on the entire landscape—turf and ornamentals—to protect your property from grubs and other destructive beetle pests, such as Japanese, Asiatic, June, and Oriental beetles.

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