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About Greenwise

Greenwise is the leading organic lawn and landscaping company in the greater Chicago area. We restore yards and landscapes with services that prioritize the health of our families, our pets, and our natural environment. We challenge the idea that toxic chemicals are necessary, and we replace them with responsible choices that have a positive impact downstream.

We are the future of lawn care and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We protect our Earth and its resources by lightening our footprint and yours.


Our Mission

Our vision is to transform the landscape industry and safeguard our environment through sustainable practices, creating beauty that lasts – one landscape at a time.

Our Six Core Values

Our goal is to create a world-class company; a phenomenal place to work where we all help each other realize our full potential. To help us reach this goal, we closely follow six core values:

Play the Long Game

Playing the long game means we think in decades not days. We think ahead to who we want to be for all of our decisions, including who we hire and what equipment we purchase. We make long-term commitments, such as our commitment to battery-operated equipment. We innovate to stay out front.

Win Together, Lose Together

When we win and lose together, we act as a team through thick and thin. We believe in the strength of our team as a whole. When we lose, we accept responsibility and treat it as a learning situation. And when we win, we share the credit, because we all know winning is a team effort.

Make & Meet Commitments

Making and meeting our commitments is simple. We do what we say we are going to do. We believe in finishing what we start, and we hold each other accountable in a compassionate way.

Measure What Matters

By measuring what matters, we rely on data for our decision making. We recognize data doesn't always tell the full story, but it plays a central role in how we make important decisions.

Excellence Every Day

We approach everything we do with a growth mindset and seek to continually get better. We are always in training and never done learning. We believe in the compounding effect of making incremental changes. That means, waking up each day and vowing to be one percent better than the day before.

Embrace People

We respect every member of our team and care for one another. We are inclusive, celebrating and valuing the diversity of our teammates. We believe empathy is the bedrock of strong relationships.

pesticide-free lawns and gardens

We believe in:

  • Beautiful, sustainable landscapes that are healthy for you, your people, and your pets
  • Pesticide-free lawns and gardens that connect you to the vibrancy of life
  • Quality yards, gardens, and landscapes that never come at the expense of your health, but contribute to it
  • Sustainable landscapes that support clean water, soil, and air

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are more than a landscaping company. We are a customer service company committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscaping. Taking care of you is our highest priority, and we stand behind everything we do with our Commitment to Excellence: if you are not happy for any reason, we are not happy. Period.


Austin Hall

President & Owner


Marc Wise

Original Founder & Consultant


Abby White

Vice President


Anissa Antebi

HR & Office Manager


(847) 866-1930

Eduardo Uriostegui

Production Coordinator


Andy Lewis

Turf Care Manager


 Jose Garcia

Construction Supervisor


Miguel Avalos

Garden & Full Service Maintenance Supervisor


Erik Solis

Basic Maintenance Supervisor


Moshe Pinargote



(847) 866-1930

Karen Markel



(847) 866-1930

Robyn McMurray Hurtig

Director of Community Engagement


(847) 868-9851

Heather Lough

 Landscape Design Coordinator


(847) 868-9863

Jon Tarter

Procurement Coordinator


(847) 866-1930

Silvana Poole

Client Relationship Administrator


(847) 440-7935

Justin Barr

Client Relationship Administrator


(224) 307-8188

Kirtiss Brown

Client Relationship Administrator


(224) 307-8191

Mike Annes

Client Relationship Manager


(847) 477-5688

Brian Baillie

Client Relationship Manager


(773) 677-6026

Mike Wright

Branch Manager


(630) 956-1748

Josh Larson

Client Relationship Manager


(224) 296-3826

Marcos Ayala

Client Relationship Manager


(847) 477-0469

Nathan Beckner

Client Relationship Manager


(847) 385-8525

Christoph Odenthal

Landscape Designer


(773) 567-6891

Brennan Zwieg

Landscape Designer


(847) 609-2035

Gannon Siran

Associate Designer


(847) 530-8542

Our Team

Greenwise is a team of professionals working day in and day out to create a better community and a better world.

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The Greenwise design team is ready to work with you for any size project. We will take a thorough inventory of your property and listen to your needs before the design process begins.

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