You Love Your Dog, but is Your Yard Safe for Your Pooch?

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on March 17, 2021

Dogs Are at Risk with Chemically Treated Lawns

Dogs live in the yard much differently than we do. You and I sitting on the back patio is not the same as our dog rolling around in the grass. That’s why dogs are at greater risk (and kids, too). A higher risk of bladder cancer for dogs is one example of how dogs are affected by lawn chemicals. A study funded by NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information) examined how dogs were affected by our chemically treated lawns and found herbicides in the urine of dogs after home lawn chemicals were applied. Chemicals were commonly detected in grass residues from treated lawns, and from untreated lawns suggesting chemical drift from nearby treated areas. As a result, dogs could be exposed to chemicals through contact with their own lawn (treated or contaminated through drift) or through contact with other grassy areas on their walks. The double whammy is your pets can be affected even when you are doing the best thing by not using chemicals on your lawn, but your neighbor isn’t. “The whole thing matters,” says Ramie Gulyas, the owner of Follow Your Nose in Evanston. “If your neighbor is spraying Roundup and it rains, those chemicals will run off into your yard and your vegetable garden. “Years ago when we were walking dogs for our business, we would see chemical application signs and we knew not to let our dogs walk in those yards. It’s not enough to wipe off paws. We see rashes on dog’s paws from walking through chemically treated lawns. Dogs can lick their paws because they are irritated and get skin infections.” Gulyas says that Follow Your Nose sells booties year-round now because of lawn chemicals. They’ve also been seeing more dogs and cats displaying symptoms of asthma and allergies. “I don’t remember ever seeing dogs with asthma 20 years ago. Now, there are a lot of homeopathic remedies for asthma and allergies. It’s a thing. It didn’t used to be a thing,” Gulyas said.

You love your dog, but is your yard safe for your pooch?

With so many conventional lawn care companies in the area, not all of our yards are safe. Greenwise is committed to ensuring your yard is 100% safe for your dog, your kids, and our environment! We never use chemicals on your lawn and will only use organic or all-natural products that are proven to be safe. We even offer a safe way to deter mosquitoes and ticks from your yard with our All-Natural Insect Deterrent that smells like you’ve entered a forest. Click here to learn more about why an organic lawn matters! Call us @ (847) 866-1930 and find out how you can create a safer lawn for your pets and kids.