Why do organic lawn care and fertilizers benefit lakefront communities like Evanston?

Why is organic lawn care so beneficial for Evanston? One of the reasons is that it’s the best way to protect one of the nation’s most beautiful natural resources, and the crown jewel of Evanston scenery: Lake Michigan. Every time the Chicago area is bombarded by a major rainstorm, millions of gallons of runoff finds its way into the Lake, which creates many problems for swimmers, wildlife and the ecosystem in general.

Homeowners and businesses that use conventional fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns risk contaminating local water supplies with chemicals and toxins that pose a public health risk for anyone who uses the lake for recreation. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that lakefront residents eliminate the use of these substances as much as possible, and instead replace them with all-natural alternatives.

If more residents switch to organic lawn care and landscaping practices, beaches will be safer for swimmers and much less likely to close, as routinely happens after storms.

It’s also important remember that Lake Michigan is the natural habitat for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish, all of which are harmed by the continued accumulation of storm runoff, particularly near shorelines. While much of the waste water that Evanston produces flows into the Illinois River, the city will allow excess storm water that can’t be handled by the normal sewage system to drain into the Lake.

At Greenwise Organic Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on our commitment to preserving the environment and keeping your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your home isn’t creating toxic runoff and is safe for your whole family to enjoy. For our professional landscaping services, we use clean-burning mowers and leaf blowers, and you won’t find us using toxic pesticides or weed killer. To receive a free quote and learn more about our other services, including mulching and composting, water conservation and horticultural programs, contact Greenwise today by calling (847) 866-1930, or send us a message by clicking here!

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