Why? Because You Care.

Why? Because You Care.


You care. You care about the home you live in and the family you love. You care about the planet you live on and the world as a whole. You want what’s best for your family but you also want to care for them in an environmentally responsible way.

We care, too. We care about your home and the joy it brings your family. We care about your concern that the choices you make when tending your lawn affect caring for the world as a whole. We care about endorsing only the best products and services on the market: those that are safe, practical, and effective. We are here for you, for the environment, and for a world where there is no distinction between the two.

Greenwise Organic Lawn Care is here to show you that you can choose a professional, full-service landscaping and lawn care company with affordable prices and an excellent reputation without having to live with environmentally unfriendly short-cuts or compromises.

Greenwise is so much more than an organic lawn care company. It’s a mindset. It’s a choice. It’s a way of being. Greenwise is a path where sustainability, renewable resources, and alternate technology are foremost priorities. The option to be thoughtful of the health and vitality of our environment is here for the taking.

Our goal is to change the world.  Please join us.












What Does ‘Going Green’ Really Mean?
Defining the practice of maintaining a beautiful chemical-free lawn

1. Choice. The Decision is Easy.
First and foremost organics work, and work very well. We create beautiful, healthy lush lawns every year without the use of chemicals. No longer do you have to wonder what is on your lawn and if you can enjoy it safely. Organics are safe, effective, affordable, and easy to use. Chemical herbicides and pesticides are quickly being banned across North America and Europe. The liability of having a toxic environment outweighs the benefits of chemical treatments. Chemical lawn care is a way of the past and just not worth the risk.

2. Value. What Do You Value?
Humans inherently value lawns as a safe gathering area. But it is difficult to relax and enjoy your lawn if you are concerned about the danger of chemical residues. We must value having a safe lawn over the perception of a ‘perfect lawn’— we must value a healthy environment over a sterile landscape from the use of pesticides. We must be more concerned with our future generations than the immediate gratification of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This shift has many upsides. Most notable is the return on choosing organic alternatives.
Organic lawn care supports everything with roots under your turf. In doing so, it creates healthy soil, retains water and nutrition, and reduces drainage issues, filter contaminants, cools your home, and fosters a healthy ecosystem. The health of an ecosystem is directly related to the amount biodiversity within it. The greater the biological diversity, the more resilient the ecosystem.

3. Perspective. Be Authentically Green.
Many of us are overwhelmed by the destruction happening to our oceans and natural landscapes around the world. But when we value our environment over superficial desires we can start repairing the damage we have incurred. It begins with your front yard. Weeds create valuable diversity, attracting pollinators, and infusing a splash of color that changes with the seasons. They are easy to control with organic practices and protect the soil, making a lawn less susceptible to drought and disease.

Although weeds have many positive attributes, most of us still prefer to have a relatively weed free property. Natural and Organic lawn care can regenerate soil health all while suppressing weeds. The weeds lose their ecological purpose and slowly fade away over time. We’ve observed organic lawns for many years and we think that they are far more attractive than chemically enhanced lawns. Nature is not a monoculture, it is filled with random beauty and diversity. It is the many different colors of life that bring interest and beauty to our world.

4. Functionality. Healthy Lawns, Less Hassle.
Natural and organic lawn care is very similar to chemical lawn care. The Greenwise program applies the necessary amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, to maintain premium turf. The difference is that Greenwise fertilizers are derived from natural sources and filled with micro-nutrients, and microorganisms that support healthy turf. As your soil continually degrades through chemical lawn care, you begin to see more disease, weed pressure, and drought damage. This will result in a greater need to fertilize more often and apply more and more herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to keep this weaker lawn alive. Organics are the opposite. Organic fertilizers greatly reduce your need to apply as much fertilizer and you rarely if ever have to rely or herbicides. Your lawn continually improves and saves you money.

5. Cost. Invest in Your Environment.
Chemical fertilizers are becoming more expensive because of the growing demand in countries such as India and China who can now afford to use chemicals on their crops. Where the sticker price may be similar organic fertilizer are much more valuable and have few if any negative side effects. The actual cost to our environment, our health care system, and to future generations of using chemical fertilizers is far greater than that of organics. Herbicides are directly linked to many forms of cancer, reproductive issues, birth defects, immune issues, and neurological issues. Chemical fertilizers in combination with our agricultural practices are degrading topsoil and drying up our fresh water aquifers. Degraded topsoil and resources exploitation have led to the demise of most cultures before us. We are only able to grow food because it is artificially feed by chemical petroleum based fertilizers. We these chemicals become too expensive for farmers there will be no viable soil to grow crops to sustain us.

Along with investing your future, you will spend less money on your self-sustaining organic lawn. Long term, your monetary investment will pay off.

5. Process. Get Efficient Results.
Not all organic fertilizers are created equal. Many organics are only modestly effective because of low nutritional value. Greenwise choose very potent and dense organic ingredients resulting in a powerful fertilizer that yields good results.

Organic fertilizers are sourced from recycled waste streams. Greenwise uses composted food wastes as the base of our fertilizer. This reduces waste streams that would normally end up in a landfill and recycles the nutrition back into our soils.

We then combine this dense base of nutrition with biologicals, micro nutrients, minerals, and sugars that make our product very effective and unique. We stand behind our product and are consistently researching ways to improve our program.



Protecting the earth for tomorrow.
Sustainable means accomplishing today’s goal while protecting the earth for tomorrow. Sustainable, or green landscaping, is a way of designing and maintaining yards, gardens and landscapes in a way that reduces harm to the environment, provides healthier places to work, live, and play, and saves time and money by offering reduced maintenance.

Sustainable landscaping means smart landscaping.
At Greenwise our landscape design work is driven by sustainable practices so that with every project we are able to create environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible landscapes. To accomplish this, we evaluate ecological components of every site, select locally sourced materials and energy efficient materials, and extend the useful life of materials through reuse and recycling.











Eco-friendly snow removal service clears unsafe ice and snow but does no harm to our ecosystem, pets, hardscapes and waterways. Greenwise provides safe alternatives to the traditional road salts used by most commercial snow plowing companies. We also employ specialized eco-friendly snow removal equipment such as rubber and poly tip blades on our snow plows to prevent damage to driveways, especially those composed of gravel, pavers or brick. We also drive small, 4-cylinder trucks that save gas and cut down on air pollution.
Road salt, commonly used by most snow plow companies on roads and sidewalks, does melt ice, but it’s not eco-friendly:
Salt can leach heavy metals which can end up in our water supplies;
Salt can hurt our pets, causing chapped and cracked paws;
Salt residue prevents plants from absorbing moisture and nutrients. Salt kills our flowers and grass;
Salt is corrosive and can damage cars, leading to reduced sustainability of vehicles;
It will also damage bridges and any other concrete surfaces it comes in contact with;
Salt run off from sidewalks and streets can increase salinity in local bodies of water, causing long-term damage.

Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation uses 390,000 tons of road salt each winter. The city is responsible for distributing road salt along 9,500 lane miles of the city’s roads, roughly the equivalent of the distance between Chicago and Darwin, Australia!

Most commercial snow plowing companies use steel plows that damage roads and driveways and large vehicles with V-10 engines resulting in unnecessary air pollution.

You can choose to reduce the damage caused each winter by traditional snow plow companies by choosing Greenwise Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Service.



Quick Facts: What Should You Consider about Organic Lawn Care?
Studies show that hazardous lawn chemicals and pesticide residues, such as weedkiller 2,4-D, drift into our homes where they contaminate indoor air and surfaces, exposing children at a rate ten times higher than preapplication levels.

Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer or carcinogenicity, 13 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 26 with liver or kidney damage, 15 with neurotoxicity, and 11 with disruption of the endocrine (hormonal) system.

Of those same 30 lawn pesticides, 17 are detected in groundwater, 23 have the ability to leach into drinking water sources, 24 are toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms vital to our ecosystem, 11 are toxic to bees, and 16 are toxic to birds. ” — www.beyondpesticides.org

Studies find that dogs exposed to herbicide-treated lawns and gardens can double their chance of developing canine lymphoma, and may increase the risk of bladder cancer in certain breeds by four to seven times.1
Studies show low levels of exposure to actual lawn pesticide products are linked to increased rates of miscarriage and suppression of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.

Be Aware
Make no mistake; pesticides are, by their very nature, poisons. Is an absolutely weed-free lawn worth endangering our children and polluting our environment? The answer is no. Especially when there is and alternative that produces more effective results and is 100% natural!

Environmental Effects
Like second hand smoke, pesticide exposure is not always voluntary. These chemicals can pollute our water, track into our homes, and contaminate the air we breathe. A growing body of evidence suggests that while common lawn and garden weed killers do pose a threat to us all, infants, children, pregnant women, and those with suppressed immune systems are at the highest risk. Pets and other wildlife exposed to chemical turf products are equally vulnerable.

The Organic Answer
Luckily, organic lawn care completely abolishes these concerns. Effective natural alternatives to pesticides do exist, and they will cultivate longevity and beauty better than their chemical opposites. Consider safety, heartiness, and longevity over quick fixes, fragility, and fleeting dependency. Let’s give back to nature the natural way.

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