Together We Made 2011 an Incredible Season

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on January 14, 2012
I want to extend a warm thank you to our Greenwise community for another successful year.  Our community consists of concerned parents, pet owners, environmental advocates, park managers, doctors, lawyers, lawn enthusiasts, and many more unique individuals who choose to steward our local environments with organic lawn care. This year we sustained 1,815,000 sq. ft. of lawn space organically and reduced 90,750 lbs of potential chemical fertilizers from blanketing our community.  I hope that you are as proud to be a part of this team as we are to service your landscape. At Greenwise we stick to our organic principles and are the only Chicagoland company finding success with a completely organic approach.  As we continue down this path I have no doubt that we will only continue to improve and find new natural solutions for your landscape. Much of the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. I have heard countless times this season from our clientele that their organic lawn is the best on the block. We have had many new clients exclaim that their lawn has never looked so good.  Over the past 5 years of observing organic lawns, I can say with confidence that a good organic fertilization program will outperform a chemical fertilization program. I have watched unhealthy, chemically treated lawns develop into full, lush, deep green turf under our organic regimen time after time. This is not to say that we have not had our hurdles. The greatest obstacle in organic lawn care is managing pre-existing weed issues. We craft our organic program to naturally suppress weed pressures, yet we do not have a tool that will completely control existing weeds.  Luckily most weeds will perish on an annual or biennial basis and soon fade away with our program. Unfortunately, there are a few stubborn weeds, such as Creeping Charlie, that need to be addressed with a more aggressive approach. As a last resort, we will recommend seeking a professional herbicide applicator for a limited, controlled treatment before resuming organic methods.  Please call me if you seek advice about controlling existing weeds.  As we continue to pursue our organic principles, we will develop natural solutions for anything plaguing your lawns. Looking forward, I am proud to introduce our 100% electric mowing crew in 2012. The trimmers, mowers, and hedgers on this route will be battery-powered to provide cleaner and quieter maintenance services.  It will be an effective solution for small lawns, yet for our larger properties, we will continue to use our propane mowers and EPA-certified, low-emissions equipment. As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback. If ever you have concerns please call or email us right away so that we can always continue to improve our services for you. If you are happy with your service please send photos of you, your kids, your pets, and your family enjoying your organic lawn– or send us a fun testimonial! Please pass on your success to your neighbors and friends and spread the word about organic lawn care. We await your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your choice of Greenwise and for your dedication to a brighter future. We look forward to sustaining your landscape for many years to come. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, Marc Wise