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Stop Poisoning Your Dog!


Study Links Toxic Lawn Chemicals to Canine Cancer:  You may be choosing the look of your lawn over the health of your dog. A recent comprehensive study shows that Americans are poisoning their pets by applying commonly used synthetic lawn care products such as toxic herbicides and chemical fertilizers that cause canine cancer. “A lot […]

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Leave Your Leaves or Kick ‘Em to the Curb?

fall clean ups

Either Way, You Still Need to Rake Your Leaves. (Sorry.) There’s a story making the rounds in the media claiming that raking fall leaf debris ‘has been declared overrated, harmful, and all-around terrible by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).’ (Yahoo! News, November 10th) While this might seem like welcome news to overworked homeowners, don’t burn your […]

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Making Winter ‘Green’: Prevention Plays Key Role in Eco-Friendly Snow Clearing Services

snow clearing

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” –Benjamin Franklin Snow clearing is a dirty business. It’s generally run as an emergency response service with the focus on clearing snow after it has accumulated. This reactive approach to snow clearing leads to dumping lots of rock salt and other environmentally damaging materials on top of […]

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