Greenwise organic fertilizer

3rd Step: Sustain (Early Summer)

Sustain, Our early summer 3rd Step may use different blends, depending on when it’s applied and how your lawn is responding to the summer conditions.

The late blend is designed to inhibit summer crabgrass from germinating. This is the time of year when we start to see fungal issues, drought stress and insect damage.

Our turf techs will bring seed and a hand-held sprayer for our clients who are also on our Weed Management program to spot treat any problem areas. They will also closely monitor your lawn because, as with most things, early detection and diagnosis helps address the issue before it has a chance to get out of control.

Common issues we see at this time of year include: drought stress, sod webworm moths and Japanese beetles (grub indicator). This is also the time of year when proper watering can have a huge impact on the turf. It’s important not to overwater, which could set you up for fungal issues, especially if the turf isn’t drying out on humid nights. Click here for watering tips during the summer.

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