Sparking Joy with Beautiful Spring Clean Up

Greenwise crew edging lawn

Edging is one of my favorite things!

spring clean up

Getting it all done! Spring clean up in action.

Spring clean up

Greenwise doing the heavy lifting

Greenwise truck

Carrying off the leaves to create mulch.

Spring clean up

Greenwise crew clearing out the garden and cleaning up the edges of my garden.

I admit, rolling my t-shirts and organizing my drawers brought me a certain amount

Spring clean up

All cleaned up for spring and ready for blooming to begin!

of joy this past winter. But, seeing the Greenwise crew performing a spring clean up, sparked some real joy.

They edged my lawn and my garden beds, raked up and got rid of any remaining leaves, cleared debris, emptied old planters while keeping greens I can still use, and even cleaned out the area in the alley outside of our back fence.

brown turf vs organic green turf

My neighbor’s brown turf can’t compete with Greenwise’s organic treatment. Remarkable difference, don’t you think?

After the Awaken fertilizer and overseeding in March, and now with the spring clean up, my lawn is ready for spring (even if it’s covered with snow at the moment). Thank you, Greenwise!


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