Service Alert: Weekend Forecast Calls for 3.6 Inches of Snow Accumulation

The weekend forecast calls for snow overnight tonight, Saturday night and again Sunday night for a total of 3.6 inches of snow accumulation by rush hour Monday morning.

Overnight snow accumulation each of the next three nights should measure approximately 1.2 inches, reaching the one-inch snow accumulation trigger required to activate our eco-friendly snow removal service routes early Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.  We expect to activate our 2-inch trigger routes early Sunday and Monday mornings.

We will continue to monitor the weather situation and will update you as conditions warrant. As always, we will send out a service alert once we’ve activated our snow removal routes.

We strongly recommend applying ice melt to treat/prevent ice build-up and eliminate hazardous walking environments. Our eco-friendly ice melt will also melt up to ½ inch of snow accumulation and will facilitate future ice removal, making it the ideal service during the weather conditions we are currently experiencing.

We will be running pretreatment crews this afternoon, and can come out to your property for eco-friendly de-icing service if you request it.  The cost is $50 per bag of eco-friendly ice melt applied.

For more information or to request our eco-friendly de-icing service, please call our office at (847) 866-1930.

Remember: When our eco-friendly snow removal routes have been activated, you can reach us 24/7 on the Greenwise Snowline at (224) 577-9473 with any questions, concerns and special requests or to be added to a route.

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