Service Alert for Wednesday, 2/27: We are Running Clean-Up Crews Today, No Further Measurable Snow in Forecast

We received the predicted additional snowfall this morning; however, due to the wet and warm conditions, accumulation measured less than half an inch. We did not reach the necessary trigger to reactivate the full snow removal service routes.

We are running clean-up and deicing crews today to provide service where needed and are happy to come by your property.

Please call the office at (847) 866-1930 to be added to today’s route.

Also, please be aware that a recurring issue this winter has been city plows pushing snow onto areas, such as garage aprons off alleys and sidewalks bordering main roads, that we have previously cleared. If this happens, please notify us and we will send a crew back out to clear it again as soon as possible.

The 48-hour forecast calls for occasional snow flurries with no more than .5 inches of accumulation expected.

However, temperatures will be at or below freezing and we can expect surface conditions to be icy and slippery.

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