How Greenwise Safely Kills Weeds in Your Lawn

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Greenwise Natural Weed Management

Our Natural Weed Management program works in partnership with our 5-Step Fertilization program. Together, these programs work hard to out-compete the weeds, providing you with a healthy, lush and safe lawn.

Each of our turf technicians is responsible for their own focused territory. For you that means over the course of the season, your turf tech will be an expert on your lawn. They’ll know what’s working and where your lawn might need some extra TLC. Most importantly, they’ll be working in partnership with you to create a healthy lawn that you can enjoy all season.

Three Seasons of Natural Weed Management to Maintain Healthy Lawns

We divide our weed management program into three seasonal services: spring, summer and fall. Each service consists of two applications (early and mid season), and each service is uniquely formulated to treat weeds that appear at that time of year. Once the turf area is dry after applying our product (usually 30 minutes), it’s safe for you and your pets to walk on or play.

Spring Weed Management (WD1)

Typically, we begin our spring weed management service (WD1) in early April to mid-May as the first broadleaf weeds of spring are starting to grow.

During the early spring season we expect to see young dandelions, violets, speedwell, clover and plantain among other common lawn weeds, which if left untreated, will compete with turf grass for space in the bare soil. We typically see great results on dandelions during this first early season application.

During the late spring visit (the second application of WD1) we generally see the more difficult-to-treat weeds, such as violets, plantain and the infamous Creeping charlie beginning to establish themselves in shady, wet or poor soil areas of the lawns. Our Weed Management system is highly effective during these cool days, especially during vulnerable early growth times.

Summer Weed Management (WD2)

Early and mid-summer is an especially challenging time for weeds. With high temperatures and low rain, our turf gets stressed and when stressed, those opportunistic weeds will try to steal the show.

During this time, we typically see creeping charlie and plantain starting to outcompete the turf as we head into high temperatures, drought and turf dormancy. At this time of year, we adjust our application and switch to backpack sprayers and a “panel spray” strategy to minimize unnecessary stress to turf grass.

Fall Weed Management (WD3)

As we move back into the cool temperatures that favor turf grass we again readjust our application for early and mid fall. Throughout the fall we typically see great results on creeping charlie and violets. Now is a good time to take care of weeds before winter hits and to slow down the onslaught of weeds in the spring.

The primary ingredient in our weed management product is chelated iron, which kills only the weeds, never the grass. You’ll see visible results within 24 hours. And, it’s safe and odorless, enabling you to go on your lawn as soon as it’s dry.

Organic Hardscape Weed Treatment

Usually we focus on our turf care, but we know weeds grow in all kinds of places. If you’ve got weeds popping up in your patio, sidewalks or driveway, we’ve got an organic solution. As with everything we do, our organic hardscape weed control is safe and effective.

You’ll see the weeds shriveling up and dying within an hour or two of being sprayed. We’ll treat your hardscapes as frequently as needed. Take a look at our video of Andy, our turf tech manager, showing how our organic hardscape weed treatment works.

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