Permeable Driveway and Native Garden

A permeable driveway and native garden update this from a typical suburban landscape to an eco-forward yard that is beautiful and sustainable.

Our client in Glenview had a LOT of concrete! He was concerned about the environment and wanted to make a difference in how he managed water on his property. To help, we replaced the left side of his driveway with a permeable driveway. And we got rid of the second driveway by installing a rain garden and a native garden.

Some traditional plants were incorporated into the design to add evergreen elements while native plants add seasonal color and interest.

Driveway before permeable pavers

Driveway before permeable pavers installed


Installing the permeable driveway


driveway with rain and native gardens

A concrete driveway replaced by a rain and native garden


“Marc and the entire Greenwise team are amazing!  From snow removal to landscaping to building patios they get it done at a great price and with great quality!” – Daniel Steindler

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