Evanston retreat

Historic Evanston Retreat

This suburban oasis exemplifies understated beauty and simple elegance.

An historic gem in Evanston, the architecture is enhanced by lush gardens, custom ironwork, and classic stone masonry. A series of outdoor rooms create an intimate setting for dining, entertaining, and conversation.

Evanston landscape design

Gardens frame the house and provide privacy between the patio and the street.

Custom ironwork and masonry create a welcoming entry for residents and guests. Garden beds enhance a welcoming entry with evergreens, ornamental trees and shrubs, and seasonal displays.

Evanston retreat with gorgeous hydrangeas

Hydrangea varieties abound throughout the property.

Tardiva, Limelight, Endless Summer, and Quickfire Hydrangea are repeated to create rhythm in the landscape.

Evanston retreat's customized masonry and iron work

Customized masonry to create a beautiful fireplace in an Evanston home

customized masonry and unique fountain in beautiful Evanston home


Boxwood shrubs
Dwarf fountain grass
Endless Summer Hydrangeas
Globe Arborvitae
Hicks Yews
Japanese Maple
Panicled Hydrangea
Shrub roses
Upright Junipers

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