Learn Why Pesticides Are Dangerous and You Don’t Want them in Your Yard

Pesticides are dangerousGreenwise advocates against pesticides

Resources to Help Educate You about the Dangers of Pesticides

Pesticides are dangerous and you don’t want them in your yard or in the air you breathe. As part of Greenwise’s efforts to advocate for you and our environment, we put together a list of articles and videos that talk about the dangers of pesticides and what’s being done about it nationally and globally.

Our mission is to create lawns that are 100% safe for you, your families and your pets, and to educate you about why pesticides are dangerous and need to be avoided. We know chemical lawns are not safe: they degrade our watersheds, pollute our air, sterilize our land, chase away the song birds, and endanger our health.

Please keep checking here for updated articles. And, please, let us know of any articles or videos you find helpful and think we should all be aware of. You can simply send us an email.

Thank you for checking in; we greatly appreciate your concern for the environment. Together, we can advocate and make a difference in our health and the health of our world.

Resource List about the Dangers of Pesticides

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