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Organic Lawn Care and Fertilization

Organic Lawn Care and Fertilization

We believe in eco-friendly, people-friendly, pet-friendly lawns.

Greenwise offers organic lawn care you can feel good about. We research the safest all-natural and organic lawn care practices—and live by them—so that you can enjoy a dense, healthy, vibrant green yard that is free from the harmful chemicals conventional lawn care companies use. From lawn to soil, you can be sure that everything we do will be safe, practical, and effective for you and your family. 

Organic Lawn Care

"Marc and his crew went above and beyond in keeping our drainage and seeding project costs down. Constant communication, amazing agriculture education. I cannot recommend them enough."

- Rachel, Highland Park

5-Step Organic Fertilization Services

The Greenwise 5-Step Organic Lawn Care Fertilization Program gives you a healthy, sustainable lawn that grows stronger over time. We use our proprietary, custom-blended organic fertilizer comprised of ingredients approved for organic food production. Together, these applications create a program that naturally helps the lawn outcompete weeds, provides deep green and dense turf, and improves the soil for deeper roots, which equal a stronger lawn. And you don't have to wait a day (or even a minute) to walk on your lawn: all of our ingredients are safe, natural, and non-toxic.


Derived of corn gluten meal to awaken your lawn early in the season for early spring green-up.


Spring premium organic foliar blend adds color and density while promoting root development.


Late-spring slow-release feeding encourages summer turf health and vigor.


Early fall nutrition-packed organic fertilizer assists in root development, fall color, and turf density.


Winter nutrition blend gives an early burst of spring color while suppressing weeds.

All-Natural Weed Management

Finally, an all-natural, non-toxic weed treatment for your lawn. Unlike chemical herbicides, our product uses non-toxic ingredients to stress, disrupt, and kill the weeds already growing in your lawn. Best of all, you, your kids, and your pets can safely enjoy the yard before it's even dry—not days later like with traditional herbicide restrictions.

All-Natural Weed Management

Our organic lawn care products are safe for your people and your pets.

  • All-natural iron
  • Effective on a wide range of broadleaf weeds
  • Works in a wide range of temperatures
  • Causes weed die-off down to the root
  • Safely eliminates weeds while strengthening lawns
  • No unpleasant odor like traditional sprays
  • Lawn areas can be reseeded within a day of treatment
  • Same day, visible weed die-off

Grass Seed and Lawn Restoration

The best natural defense against weeds is dense, thick turf. We recommend adding new grass seed to an established lawn every year, in spring or fall, with our sustainable blend of grass seed. This custom blend, made of primarily tall fescue, creates a dense root system that retains water and protects your grass against drought, disease, weed germination, and tough Midwest summer heat.

Grass Seed and Lawn Restoration

Over seeding

We begin our overseeding service by using a rake to remove all dead grass and twigs, ensuring good contact between the soil and new seed. We then spread our custom blend of high-quality sustainable grass seed and apply the Greenwise organic seed starter to promote germination and establish strong roots. Before we leave, we spread a half-inch layer of peat moss over the seed to protect it and keep it moist.

Slice seeding

The most effective way to seed your lawn and increase turf density is through slice seeding. We use a machine called a slice seeder to cut vertically through your turf and into the soil, at the same time dropping seeds. This seed-to-soil contact helps the seed germinate, resulting in a faster and much higher germination rate than over seeding.

Turf aeration and soil care

Adding air to your soil—or aerating—each year is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Aeration breaks through a thatch layer, allows roots to breathe, and makes it easier for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil, especially when combined with our Greenwise PRIME Organic Soil Builder. PRIME is a calcium-based product that breaks up heavy clay soils and gives roots breathing room to grow. Aeration also combines well with seeding.

General lawn repair

Whether your lawn is damaged by your kid, your dog, your painter, or Mother Nature herself, no matter how much damage, we can fix it for you. Because each situation and yard is unique, we'll come out and give you a quote.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are not a landscaping company. We are a customer service company committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscaping. Taking care of you is our highest priority, and we stand behind everything we do with our Commitment to Excellence: if you are not happy for any reasons, we are not happy. Period.

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Grub Worm Treatment

Grub Worm Treatment...Safely & Organically

We are excited about a new grub product we are using this season. Usually, it's challenging to apply organic grub control at the right time, but our new product works through all three stages of grub development, which means exact timing is not the issue it used to be, and because it works on grubs in their more mature stages, it's both a curative and a preventative treatment. That's a good thing.
Our treatment is a naturally occurring bacteria that works by coming into contact with the grub egg, larva or pupa. For our treatment to work effectively, you need to water your lawn to ensure our product reaches the layer of soil where the pests live. Generally, this is accomplished with a quarter to a half inch of watering over the turf.
And, with everything we do, our treatment is 100% safe. Our organic, all-natural grub prevention package effectively kills grubs without damaging beneficial insects or pollinators. It can be used on the entire landscape – turf and ornamentals – to protect it from grubs and other destructive beetle pests, such as Japanese, Asiatic, June and Oriental Beetles.

How do I know if I've got grubs?

Just so you know, having a few grubs is perfectly normal. But, having a major grub issue can cause damage to your lawn. In our area, grubs are becoming more problematic because of our warmer winters, making grub treatments increasingly important.
Grubs feed on the roots of grasses, so your lawn will show wilting and browning after the grubs have hatched and become active. Not sure if your brown or wilted grass is from grubs? It's pretty easy to check. Just lift a piece of your turf. If grubs are the culprit, the dead patch will roll up like a carpet, or you'll be able to pull up the grass and see that it has no roots. You'll typically see irregularly shaped dead patches in your well-irrigated lawn in late summer or early fall.
Chances are, skunks and raccoons will know you have grubs before you do and can cause even more damage by digging to feed on the grubs. If you see signs of digging, give us a call right away.
Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Yes, there is even a "green" way to control mosquitoes in your lawn and gardens. Not only does it kill mosquitoes, it smells fantastic. Read about our all-natural mosquito deterrent and give us a call before mosquitoes make themselves at home. 


We are committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscaping and organic lawn care—starting with you.

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