All-Natural Mosquito and Tick Control in Chicagoland

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All-Natural Mosquito & Tick Control in Chicagoland

Mosquito-borne diseases are among the world’s leading causes of illness and death today. But the dangers posed by the insects must be weighed against the dangers posed by insect control. At Greenwise, we take pride in offering organic and safe pest control solutions to our Chicagoland clients, and our Greenwise natural insect deterrent is exactly what you need to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other common pests away from your landscape and home.

Looking for an all-natural way to rid your home of parasitic pests? For mosquito and insect control in the greater Chicago area, connect with Greenwise online or call 847-866-1930!

Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control

How Does Organic Mosquito Repellent Work?

We understand the skepticism, but truth be told, you simply do not need harsh, toxic chemicals to deal with bugs. Our natural insect deterrent starts with cedar oil—an essential conifer oil that acts as a powerful and natural insecticide and repellent.

Our Greenwise natural insect deterrent is exceptionally effective and offers plenty of substantial benefits over commercial chemicals. Our organic insect deterrent:

  • Controls every stage of mosquito life span – Our natural deterrent will kill all mosquitoes, eggs, and larvae present while also preventing new insects from nesting.
  • Is effective for other pests – In addition to mosquitoes and ticks, our product handles fleas, mites, and mole crickets.
  • Is 100% organic – You will find no non-organic materials in our products!
  • Is completely non-toxic – Our products are low-toxicity and safe around people and pets alike.
  • Is safe for pollinators – If you’re worried about butterflies and bees getting bothered, you needn’t be concerned. Our repellent is totally safe for them, too.
  • Smells fantastic – Cedar oil offers an unobtrusive and pleasant aroma.

Our Mosquito & Tick Control Services in Chicago, IL

Our safe and highly effective mosquito and tick repellant offers the relief and peace of mind you need. When you connect with Greenwise, we will have our experts come to you for an assessment. We can take stock of the area that needs treating, provide a quote, and then get to work!

Greenwise natural insect deterrent works fast and efficiently, treating even large spaces and keeping pests to a minimum for its entire effective lifespan.

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How Often Do I Need Mosquito & Tick Control Treatments?

While we are happy to provide weekly or monthly treatments as your needs demand, generally speaking every two weeks is ideal for complete coverage. This time frame ensures that your home remains effectively treated and makes certain that no new nests or pests have time to establish again.

In order to keep your risk of re-infestation to a minimum, we recommend removing any sources of standing or stagnant water from your lawn. Look out for old tires, buckets, birdbaths—even a half-inch of standing water is enough for a female to lay eggs!

Contact Greenwise for 100% Organic Mosquito & Pest Control in Chicago, Illinois & Surrounding Areas

When you want a safe, organic insect repellent that won’t harm the environment, you want Greenwise on your side. We are proud providers of comprehensive organic lawncare and landscape services in the Greater Chicago area, and we gladly act as your source for lessening your impact on the environment.

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