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Our all-natural, great smelling mosquito
and tick control routes fill up quickly!

How Often Do I Need Mosquito & Tick Control Treatments?

While we are happy to provide weekly or monthly treatments as your needs demand, generally speaking every two weeks is ideal for complete coverage. This time frame ensures that your home remains effectively treated and makes certain that no new nests or pests have time to establish again.

In order to keep your risk of re-infestation to a minimum, we recommend removing any sources of standing or stagnant water from your lawn. Look out for old tires, buckets, birdbaths—even a half-inch of standing water is enough for a female to lay eggs!

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When you want a safe insect repellent that won’t harm the environment, you want Greenwise on your side. We are proud providers of comprehensive organic lawncare and landscape services in the Greater Chicago area, and we gladly act as your source for lessening your impact on the environment.

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