The Beauty of Mulch

The Beauty of Mulchmulch

Mulch in the most basic sense looks amazing and naturally suppresses weeds while preventing soil and nutrient erosion.

It is a protective layer that supports and builds top soil (which assists with moisture retention) and feeds the valuable plants you have invested in, if you choose the correct type of mulch.

Leaf Mulch provides an excellent source of nutrition for your plants and is very beautiful. It is aged, dark in color and easily biodegrades supplying nutrition for your plants.

Mulches that are primarily hardwood and have not been aged can actually damage delicate perennials and pull naturally occurring nitrogen away from your plants.

Mulch can be over-applied: Less is more when it comes to mulch. A 2″ layer is enough to support a healthy garden and should be applied on an annual basis every spring.

Greenwise leaf mulch is installed at a rate of $125 per cubic yard.

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