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No one wants mosquitoes or ticks around, especially with today's risk of getting West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. As with everything we do, Greenwise has a safe, effective solution to controlling mosquitoes and ticks.

Greenwise Mosquito & Tick Control is non-toxic and safe for your pets. Our all-natural cedar oil-based application effectively kills mosquitoes, eggs and larvae and deters adult mosquitoes from entering the treated area well after we have serviced it. Plus, it's effective against ticks, ants, mites and more!

How Does Cedarwood Oil Kill Bugs?

  • Dehydrates:  Cedarwood oil leaches moisture from insects and other bugs, leaving them dried out and eventually dead.
  • Disrupts Pheromones: Pheromones are chemicals that many bugs use to navigate, mate and search for food. Cedarwood oil disrupts these pheromones, which helps repel insects and other bugs and kills them.
  • Dissolves: Cedarwood oil dissolves insects in earlier life stages of eggs, larvae, pupae. In adult insects, arachnids and other bugs, cedarwood oil helps dissolve their exoskeleton.
  • Emulsifies:  Like all of us, bugs need fat to live. By breaking down fat particles, cedarwood oil attacks bugs from the inside out.
  • Suffocates:  cedarwood oil can interfere with bugs’ capacity to breathe. Unlike mammals, bugs breathe through openings located on the surface of their bodies. When faced with the lethal effects of cedarwood oil, bugs attempt to limit their exposure by closing these openings, which prevents them from breathing.
  • Affects Body Chemistry: Like most every living thing, bugs must maintain a specific chemical balance to stay alive. Any drastic changes in this balance can have deadly results. Cedarwood oil neutralizes the acidity within bugs’ bodies, effectively throwing this balance out of whack. As a result they cannot properly function, and shortly die.

How Often Do We Need to Treat?

Every two weeks is optimal for our Mosquito & Tick Control (Natural Insect Deterrent) service. We also offer monthly and weekly options because we know that even within our service area the incidence of biting insects can vary greatly due to differences in rainfall, temperature and other weather conditions, as well as foliage and proximity to ravines and streams.

How often your property needs to be treated depends on many variables. For example, do you have a lot of standing water on your property? If so, controlling the mosquito population will be more difficult.

Easy Tips to Help Deter Mosquitoes

To help control your mosquito population, make sure you don't leave any standing water around. Mosquitoes don't need much water to lay eggs--a 1/2" of water will do it. You'll want to regularly dump out any item that contains stagnant water, such as plant saucers, dog bowls and bird baths. If you need to refill them, do so with fresh water on a daily basis, especially for your dog and bird baths. Most mosquito eggs hatch within 48 hours.

Kids' toys, buckets, wading pools, and anything else that holds water but you don't want to throw out should be flipped over when not in use so they don't fill with any water.

Old tires are a notorious culprit. They retain water and provide a warm, sheltered environment that's perfect for mosquito breeding. Throw them out. If you're using a tire for a swing, drill a hole in the bottom so water can drain freely.

The best time to look is right after a rain storm, when water collects in small items you might not think of as problematic.

Click here for an article to learn more about Lyme disease and why the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) thinks the tick pandemic is worse than ever.

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"Greenwise has always been responsive to all my requests and has stood behind all their work. They do a nice job of communicating when they have done lawn treatments. I'm also appreciative of them taking time to explain what types of products they use and why they use them."

– Todd, Evanston

Effective on all blood-sucking insects

In addition to effectively killing ticks, mosquito eggs and larvae, it's also effective on all other blood-sucking insects, such as fleas, mites, mole crickets, grubs, chinch bugs and other pests. Don't worry. Our deterrent is safe for pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, and it won't hurt fireflies, birds, fish, amphibians or reptiles. Not only does our natural insect deterrent kill these insects, it smells fantastic.


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