Meet Our Design Team

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Meet our team

Marc Wise

Marc's interest in creating a greener environment and concern for the health and safety of his own dog led him to begin an organic lawn care company. Marc started small, but made an immediate impact by using only organic, natural, and safe lawn care products. Marc has grown his team over 10+ years, and each hire shares his passion for the environment.

Sandro Nandiko

As a boy, surrounded by German gardens and plantsmen, Sandro's love of plants came early and naturally. He was inspired to formally study horticulture by the beauty he saw in the gardens at Muskau Park, and received a Masters of Science in Horticulture from Freie Universität Berlin, one of Germany's leading research universities. For the past 13 years, Sandro has gained experience in landscape design and landscape construction management, bringing a wealth of plant and construction knowledge to our landscape design process.

Brian Dreher

Growing up on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, Brian's interests in plant propagation and architecture led him to Mizzou, where he studied plant science with an emphasis in landscape design. Here in Chicago, Brian has worked on landscape design projects of all sizes. He also adds a level of technical software expertise to our team, and his scientific and technical interests push him to stay current on industry trends and developments, which he integrates into the design process.

Tim Clough

Tim is a leader in the industry, thanks to his work as a registered landscape architect and his years of design-build experience. While practicing his craft, he also taught landscape architecture for several years at Kansas State University. You can trust him with any size project, from small planting designs to sophisticated, engineered water systems.

Marilyn Maas

Marilyn grew up on a working, organic farm in the Midwest, and had such a fondness for the land and plants that she became a member of the Future Farmers of America and built her own greenhouse. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts at Iowa State and spent many years as a graphic designer before building her career in landscape design. Marilyn’s talent and passion for art, design, and the environment have influenced the wide range of landscape projects she has designed—many multi-million dollar master plans, but also small urban rear yards. In 2013, she earned an Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) Gold Award for a “natural” estate.

Heather Lough

As a girl, Heather had dreams of being an architect—only to realize that our world is already built up, and that urban sprawl has gone too far. She merged her love of design with her interest in gardening, finding a new sense of responsibility for the environment. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture with an emphasis in Landscape Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has dedicated her career to helping clients reclaim the outdoors.


We are committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscape design and lawn care—starting with you.