Lawn Care Maintenance & Construction

Greenwise Organic lawn care offers a safe, all-natural and organic method of lawn care and landscape design. That means it’s safer for our maintenance and construction crews because they don’t have to work with dangerous chemicals. Ever.

For our maintenance crews, we have electric mowers, blowers, and other tools. We have propane mowers, which are much cleaner and quieter than gas-powered mowers, and are working to transition all of our equipment to electric. That’s safer for you and safer for our environment.

Greenwise is now hiring team members at all levels for its Operations team in both lawn care maintenance and construction. We offer a competitive salary and pay a fair wage. We offer benefits, including a 401(k) retirement program. You also have the option to work during the snow season, giving you work all seasons.

Interested in applying or want to learn more? Please email Eduardo at

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