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Helping You Care for Your New Plants

Our landscape design team and horticulturist take great pride in creating beautiful gardens and seasonal displays for your home or business. Once our work is done, yours begins. Here are some resources to help you care for your new plants, from watering to local experts who you can rely on for plant information.

Please know we are here to help you. Our garden maintenance program, led by our horticulturist, is designed to care for your garden and maintain it during the growing season. Want to learn more? Call us at (847) 866-1930.

watering in the fall

Watering Tips

Pruning Tips

Local Experts for Learning about & Caring for Plants

Extra Resources for Those of You Who Really Want to Know about Your Plants

  • The Botanic Gardens has articles on their website from trials they've conducted on how different plants thrive in our zone
  • Want to learn even more about plants? Take a course at the Botanic Gardens or Morton Arboretum.
    Our horticulturist teaches classes at the Botanic Gardens

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