Landscape Design Portfolio

Landscape Design Portfolio

At Greenwise, we believe good design means sustainable design. We focus on functionality, as well as beauty, to create a landscape that is sustainable and designed to give you joy for many years. If you can dream it, Greenwise can build it!

Our landscape designs come in all sizes, from installing a series of outdoor rooms for historic homes to creating a Zen garden. We have installed pool decks with permeable pavers and specialized tiles, raised garden beds, permeable driveways and patios, seasonal displays, outdoor kitchens, native gardens, and solutions for storm water runoff and drainage issues. Plus, so much more.

Our team of landscape designers are experienced, thoughtful, creative and passionate about helping you create an outdoor space that is sustainable and brings you joy.

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The Greenwise design team is ready to work with you for any size project. We will take a thorough inventory of your property and listen to your needs before the design process begins.

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