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Interweaving Beauty and Functionality



Tim Clough


Tim has more than 18 years experience as a landscape designer. He holds a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, Advertiing and Magazine Publishing Management from the University of Kansas.

John Ciesielski


With nearly 12 years of experience designing landscapes in Chicago and the North Shore, John specializes in incorporating planting design, hardscape design, drainage solutions, landscape lighting and irrigation in residential properties. He graduated from Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Landscape Architecture.

Greenwise Design team’s knowledge of botany, horticulture, sustainability and design vision will create a landscape that will last for a lifetime.



The Greenwise Design team is focused on creating sustainable and timeless landscapes for your property. Following our mission statement and visionary goals of sustainability, we design landscapes that will not only stand up to our climatic challenges, but also stand the test of time. Whether your interests are native prairie re-establishment or renaissance formality, our designers have studied and practiced the craft of Landscape Design in every form and function. We strive for the perfect landscape to meet your needs and your budget every time.


Timeless design begins with a thorough understanding of the site and developing a program suited to the property, the home, the community and the region. Shade and sun, soil conditions, drainage and storm water management, paths, outdoor rooms, architectural details and scale are all considered when developing concepts for your review. We design landscapes that are suited to you.


The Greenwise Design team designs spaces that function for your needs now and we endeavor to create spaces that can transition as your lifestyle does. Beautiful seating and dining areas accompanied by the most basic elements of nature, earth, fire, water, plants and wildlife create the quiet respite needed in today’s world. Warm and welcoming entries, lush with plants to provide color and texture create a sense of home and community and make for a beautiful sense of place. We work to create spaces for your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

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