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Sustainable Landscape Design Consultations in Chicagoland

Building a sustainable connection with nature starts by creating a plan. At Greenwise, we guide you through every stage of the design process so that the finished landscape is a reflection of your commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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“Marc created a wonderful design that fulfilled a vision we had had but had not been able to realize. His creativity, quick understanding of our wishes, and warmth made him a great partner in installing beauty that should last some time.”

- Elizabeth, Chicago


From top to bottom, Greenwise took such good care of us. Very professional, great ideas, very helpful in design ideas that met our specific needs and lifestyle, from designer meetings to planting. They were a pleasure to work with. They completely transformed our outdoor space and added value to our home. And, we couldn't be happier with the final results. Look forward to enjoying our outdoor space this summer!"

- Carolyn Kruse

Elements of Sustainable Landscape Architecture

Sustainable landscape architecture involves creating a landscape that requires minimal use of water, energy, and fertilizer to maintain. Each landscape is crafted to create a harmonious environment that minimizes pollution while maximizing your enjoyment of the landscape.

Greenwise's sustainable landscapes are crafted to help minimize your long-term maintenance costs. As a core element of our design process, we provide a reliable accounting of the amount of water, fertilizer, and other maintenance expenses associated with the finished landscape.

We also consider the socio-cultural aspects of landscape design. We help you select elements and features that blend in with your interests, the natural environment, and the ambiance of your Chicago neighborhood. The result is a landscape that is a reflection of our community and the many facets that make Chicagoland unique in the country.

Our landscape design and build services are tailored to meet your individual needs. During our initial design consultation at your home, our team will take a thorough inventory of the site and your desired outcome. Using the information you provide regarding design style, foliage, materials, and budget, our talented design team will create the perfect landscaping plan for your property.

Descriptive Proposal

Simple designs that don't require permits are easily handled through a descriptive proposal. These include designs that call for little more than sod, mulch, and basic drainage. Most design proposals are quick and easy to install, which means they will create minimal disruption to your daily life during the installation process.

Design Retainer

Designs that require more intensive preparation of the site, construction of pathways, ponds, and other design features require a design retainer. Our design team will develop a concept and budget, as well as an installation proposal for you to review. The design retainer makes it possible for our team to develop a comprehensive landscaping plan that is as beautiful and functional as it is efficient and effective.

Design Agreement

More complex plans that require multi-stage installations require a design agreement. The team at Greenwise will develop the landscaping concept, budget, and options for phasing in each installation. The design agreement is crafted to create a cohesive, unified landscape for your home.

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We are committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscape design and lawn care—starting with you.

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