Keep Animals from Digging with Our New All-Natural Animal Deterrent

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Safely keep animals from Digging in your lawn!

Keep Unwanted Animals from Digging Up Your Yard!

You work hard to maintain a beautiful, safe lawn and now we have a way to help you safely prevent animals from destroying it with their digging.

Our new All-Natural Animal Deterrent helps keep those rabbits, squirrels, skunks & more from digging in your yard, especially skunks and raccoons that love to dig up our yards in search of grubs. In combination with our organic grub treatment program, our safe, all-natural and biodegradable solution helps deter animals from damaging your lawn.

Safely Protect Your Property from Digging

Our All-Natural Animal Deterrent doesn’t harm the animals and will protect your plants and property when we spray our product along the perimeter of your property. Our digging deterrent uses taste, smell and touch to keep these animals off your property. We don't apply this product directly on your plants. Instead, our turf technician will create "a border" around the area where you want to prevent digging, such as around your garden beds and the edges of your lawn.

We recommend five visits for our All-Natural Animal Deterrent -- three visits in the spring and two in the fall. That's when we see the most digging.

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