Installing Sod: Our Step-by-Step Process

Installing Sod the Greenwise Way

We are often asked to install sod for clients. We go way beyond simply installing sod. We take several steps to ensure it’s done right and that you’ll enjoy your new turf for years to come. Here’s our step-by-step process:

  1. We analyze the area to be sodded for any issues, such as poor drainage.
  2. When we remove the old sod, we always check the grading and re-grade the soil when necessary.
  3. We’ll check the quality of the topsoil and add more topsoil or compost and rototill it to cultivate the soil and activate the nutrients.
  4. The type of sod we choose depends on how much sun your turf gets.
  5. After installing, we use a sod roller to “activate” rooting with the existing soil surface.
  6. Our last step always includes adding our organic fertilizer to boost the sod and ensure a healthy start.

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