How Does Clover Benefit Your Lawn?

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on June 30, 2021

Why Clover Is a Good Thing

In the world of organic lawn care, we generally view clover as a beneficial turf cover, but we fully understand that you might not want clover in your yard. Fortunately, we have the tools to successfully get rid of clover – safely and naturally.

In case you like clover, here’s how it benefits your lawn:

  • Fixes nitrogen in the soil
  • Outcompetes more troublesome turf weeds, such as creeping charlie
  • Attracts pollinators!

Getting Rid of Clover Naturally & Safely

Our weed management program, aeration, and overseeding, along with our 5-step fertilizer program, are all tools we have to safely get rid of most clover patches in your lawn.

Research has shown that regular applications of corn gluten meal can significantly reduce clover infestations. The corn gluten prevents new clover seeds from germinating while also breaking down to add nitrogen to the soil. Corn gluten is a key component of our fertilization process.

Some Reasons Your Lawn Might Be Low in Nitrogen & Attracting More Clover

  • Poor soil:  Improve your soil quality by aerating and top-dressing with a good-quality compost mix. You may need to repeat this for a few years until the soil is in better shape. Be sure to test different areas of soil, since the clover patch may be different from the rest of the yard.
  • Low Nutrients:  Feed your lawn with an organic slow-release fertilizer that will improve your soil as it breaks down. Chemical fertilizers quickly leach away and eventually make the problem worse. That’s why we rely on organic fertilizer, which helps your lawn thrive at the macro and micro levels!
  • Over Irrigation:  Water leaches nitrogen away, so heavy rains, overwatering, and overlapping sprinkler patterns can create inviting spots for clover. Follow our guide on best practices for watering your lawn.
  • Cool Temperatures:  If spring weather has been cool, soil microbes might not be active enough to move available nitrogen into your lawn grass, giving clover a head start in the growing season.

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