Horticultural Programs

Horticultural Programs



With our personal gardener program, our professional horticultural crew will tailor throughout the growing season. We will maintain your gardens in peak condition and offer valuable feedback to help you best understand the needs of your plants. You are free to schedule additional visits at your convenience.


Planting a garden is just the beginning. From the day your garden is planted, it will require maintenance to keep your flowers blooming and plants looking good all year long. With our Personal Garden Program, you will receive expert care involving a wide-range of eco-friendly horticultural practices including pruning, deadheading, controlling garden pests and problems, addressing fungal issues, dividing & stalking perennials, and keeping weeds under control.



Mulch Is Functional and Beautiful
At Greenwise we return the leaves, grass clippings, twigs and sticks to your soil in the form of compost and mulch. Not only does this process return valuable nutrition to your gardens, it suppresses weeds, builds topsoil, prevents erosion, increases drought tolerance, and protects plants from winter damage. Mulch also creates beautiful gardens.

Our pricing is based on yards of mulch installed. Please click here to request an estimate.
During our process, adding composts and garden fertilizers can maximize the mulch’s effectiveness, while minimizing cost.

Our process is as follows:
Selection: Care must be given to selecting premium, shredded hardwood or pine fine mulches, then thoroughly prepping the beds before properly installing the mulch.
Preparation: Greenwise edges and removes weeds from garden beds to prepare for mulch installation.
Installation: We carefully dress your garden beds in a 2 to 3 inch layer of finely ground, aged, dark brown, hardwood mulch sourced locally.
Add Compost: Our local leaf compost returns nourishment to your garden for healthy soil and plants.

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