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The Council Ring shines as the signature piece in many gardens designed by Jens Jensen. Jensen was a mid-western garden designer/landscape architect in Chicago in the early- to- mid 1900s. He collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright and began what is referred to as the “Prairie School of Landscape Architecture”. Our plan with the Greenwise Council Ring is to keep that legacy alive.

Greenwise council ring

A Jens Jensen council ring in Columbus Park, Chicago

Jensen saw these stone circles as emblematic of the ancient spirit of the woods. He felt this spirit is the democratic equalization of responsibility and of honor. A group sitting on these stones gathers in a continuous circle. Therefore, there is no head of the table and no hierarchy. Instead there is a simple affirmation that all members of the community are important to it.

Greenwise carries on the spirit of the Council Ring as a place for an open exchange of ideas.  More than just a blog page, the Greenwise Council Ring serves as a meeting place for conversation, discussion and enlightenment linking humanity and nature.

You always have a seat at the Greenwise Council Ring!

2 Responses to Welcome to Our Blog, “The Greenwise Council Ring”

  1. Henry Moss February 17, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

    I propose a research project in collaboration with Greenwise to explore the environmental, health, and total financial value of Sustainable Turf Management for the Municipal and School market segments. These Northshore green-spaces must be targeted and converted from conventional to sustainable turf care because children are the most vulnerable to the negative effects of traditional turf chemicals.

    • marc wise February 18, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

      Hello Henry,

      Thank you for the proposition! I think that together we can make a big difference in schools and municipalities. I look forward to working together to improve turf management practices in our local communities!

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