Greenwise Advocates

I Am Greenwise MarketplaceOur environment is taking a beating and Greenwise wants to make it easy for you to make a difference.

Each week, we will offer a way for you to advocate for our environment or to simply make a difference in your own life. Our tips will range from every day ways you can personally create a smaller footprint to advocating for larger changes at the state, national and global level.

Do you have suggestions for how to advocate? We want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation and the momentum for change going. Won’t you help us? We believe in creating a healthier environment, and we are betting that you do, too.

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This week’s idea?

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Save the environment, drink loose tea!

Swap your tea bags for loose leaf tea. Pretty easy, right? Apparently, and I never knew this, most of our tea bags contain plastic, so you can’t compost them. Loose tea most often comes in reusable tins. Plus, it’s usually more flavorful than what you get in tea bags. If you don’t have a loose tea infuser, you can buy organic cotton or silicone tea bags. Now you can sit back with your favorite book and enjoy your tea–completely guilt free!

Our past week’s ideas (it’s never too late!)

  • Tell the Federal Government to stop rolling back protections for endangered species. You can send off a quick email to your congress person, sign the Shedd Aquarium’s petition, or what the heck, do both (takes less than a minute)
  • Stop junk mail!

Wishing you all a happy, environmentally-sound new year!