Family First: Millennial Moms Push for Healthy, Organic Lifestyle Choices

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on December 14, 2016
More and more new Greenwise clients are first-time moms in their 20s and early 30s. These so-called “Millennial Moms” come to us having already done their homework. They know about the importance of choosing organics. They’ve read all our online reviews. And they mention our “triple bottom line” — our commitment to giving back to our community. All of this piqued our interest as to just who this new generation of parents is. Here is some of what we found out. Millennial moms are the new consumer generation. They have a population of 75 million and billions of dollars to spend. They are also a group that knows exactly what they want and won’t settle for less. Millennial parents are committed to buying healthy foods and products for themselves and especially for their kids. They’re fully informed on health and wellness. With this information, many families have adopted healthier lifestyles. Millennial moms Millennials, widely defined as people born between 1980-1995, are starting families earlier than the generation who came before them. According to a recent survey, parenthood is an important, if not the most important, aspiration for the majority of Millennials. In fact, 90% of all new American mothers are millennials. Millennial Parent Trends Millennials share much in common with their parent’s generation. However, there are some striking differences. Below are five key characteristics that define Millennial Moms.

Millennial Moms:

1. Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle.

Millennial moms want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals and other products when possible.

2. Are Socially Responsible.

Millennial moms care about their communities, the environment, and others. That’s why brands that ‘give back’ are so popular with that age group.

3. Look for Great Reviews.

For millennials, there is no need to guess whether a product is worth the investment. Reviews on everything baby-related are easy to come by. Millennial moms look for five stars when it comes to buying things their little ones need.

4. Are Practical.

Millennials were impacted by the recession more than other generations. For that reason, millennial moms trend towards items that can do double-duty and make sense to have around.

5. Go Organic.

Millennials want to cut down on chemicals wherever possible. Millennials read labels on the food they buy and the clothes they put on their kids. oz truck Are you a Millennial Mom? If so, does this sound like you? We’d love to hear your feedback. How is your parenting the same or different than the way you were raised?