Fall Lawn Cleanup Services in Chicagoland

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Fall Lawn Cleanup Services in Chicagoland

The fall season in Chicago is absolutely stunning. Cool air, beautiful fall leaves, and the coming holidays are all reasons to be excited about the changing of the seasons! Unfortunately, these pleasant aspects do come with one downside: seasonal yard work. Is your landscape looking a bit worse for the wear? Count on the local eco-friendly lawn care experts at Greenwise for comprehensive fall lawn cleanup services!

As the leading organic lawn care company in Chicago, our team is dedicated to sustainable practices and green lawn care that satisfies your needs and reduces your carbon footprint. Trust our experienced team to get your landscape looking its best so that you can enjoy autumn without the hassle of decaying leaves and wind-blasted landscapes.

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Our Fall Lawn Cleanup Services

A proper lawn cleanup routine should incorporate far more than clearing away some leaves or dusting off hardscape features. At Greenwise, we have built a comprehensive lawn care service that gets your landscape into perfect shape—and we do it without using hard chemicals or environmentally damaging tools!

Call on Greenwise for Chicago fall lawn cleanup to get:

  • Leaf removal and recycling – Leaves and other plant debris will be removed, composted, and recycled for use as mulch to make your landscape clean and green.
  • Weed control services – Our 100% natural and safe weed control products keep your landscape free of pesky, undesirable weeds without harming grasses, landscape plants, or the environment.
  • Perennial care – By cutting back and preparing perennials, we can ensure you see healthy growth once the warm spring season swings back around. You can let us know if you want to keep any perennials for winter interest or as food for overwintering birds.
  • Thorough landscape cleaning – We take every step necessary to ensure your landscape and hardscape features are free of plant debris and muck.

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Get the Best for Your Chicagoland Landscape with Our Low-Emission Lawn Maintenance Services

In addition to one-time services, our team is proud to provide in-depth lawn care programs. Our programs run 29 weeks at a time and include a thorough fall cleanup, springtime cleanup, and a full lawn care routine to keep your landscape looking pristine and growing well all throughout the year.

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Contact Greenwise for Fall Lawn Care & Fall Landscape Cleanup in Chicago & Beyond

Since day one, our team has been committed to lightening our footprint and our clients’ through a thorough understanding of Chicago’s ecosystem and the use of organic products and low-emission equipment. If you’re looking for lawn care experts who do the job, do it right, and do it safely, you made the right choice by coming to Greenwise.

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We are committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscaping and organic lawn care—starting with you.

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