Fall Clean Up…a Transformation

I don’t want to put my neighbor under the bus, but take a look at their brown turf compared to my green grass. Organics work!

While I was working for Greenwise, it turns out Greenwise was working for me. After work on Friday, I drove up to our house, and even in the dark, I knew Greenwise had arrived for my fall clean up. For me, it’s always exciting when Greenwise shows up; probably because I never had professional landscapers before this year, so it’s like that feeling when the cleaning woman leaves and everything smells clean and is perfectly tidy, and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

In the dark I could see the leaves were gone, the perennials were cut back, and the lawn was edged. My front yard was pristine, and I could hardly wait until the morning when I could see the crew’s work in the full light of day.

On Saturday morning, I took a walk around my yard and was amazed. The crew cut back all my hostas and perennials, and my potted tomato plant. They even took care of my side yard, which was above and beyond our agreement, and hadn’t been done to any great extent for the past 17 years. Completely cleared out. The best part about that is in the spring I’ll be able to start fresh planning for how to expand my native garden. The downside is I realized our little basement window was not air tight because a lot of dirt got blown into our basement rec room. When my youngest came upstairs perplexed by how dirty the couch was, I didn’t quite get what he was talking about until I saw it. Oh well, the dirt getting in is probably not as big a deal as the heat getting out.

Taking care of my side yard was above and beyond what I expected, and gives me a clean slate for planting a native garden in the spring.

The back stairs and yard after the fall clean up. Not a leaf in sight.

The crew’s thoroughness and attention to detail left me delighted. And, in a weird way, I was reassured that I could accept whatever winter has in store. Bring it on, I’m ready. Thank you, Greenwise, and thank you Manuel, Juan, and Aurelio

The mess of my garden goes beyond leaves to include the goldenrod obscuring our path to the garage. No longer true after the clean up.

for taking care of my yard so beautifully.

My back steps before the fall clean up. That pile of leaves at the bottom is thanks to my son, who couldn’t quite finish the job.


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