Greenwise Editorial Style Guide


Greenwise Editorial Style Guide

The Greenwise Editorial Style Guide is a reference summarizing standard writing conventions for the Greenwise website.

Included in this guide are voice and tone direction, standard naming conventions, general rules for writing in the context of this website and basic business information.

This is not a comprehensive rule book but a general editorial style guide.


Company name



Organic Lawn Care, Environment, Agriculture, Horticulture, Landscaping

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Positioning Statement

Founded in 2007, Greenwise Organic Lawn Care is the leading organic lawn care company in the Greater Chicago area. Greenwise provides organic lawn care, sustainable landscape design and installation, eco-friendly landscape maintenance, sustainable horticultural and arbor care, and eco-friendly snow removal services.


Greenwise is on a mission to redefine the American lawn.

History/Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2007.
  • Office is physically based out of Evanston, IL.
  • We are a leading sustainable landscape company in greater Chicago area.
  • A proud BBB accredited business (A+ rated).
  • Greenwise holds a number of awards (g. Angie’s List super service award, Best of houzz client satisfaction, Evanston Environmental Stewardship Award, BBB Honor Roll)
  • Services include snow removal, gardening services, garden care, lawn fertilization, lawn care, tree care, pest and mosquito prevention.
  • Serves both residential and commercial clients.
  • Customer rewards program available.
  • Online customer portal available for account management and payment history.

Company Values

  • Customer service above all.
  • Good listeners are better than good talkers.
  • We’re experts but we’re not aloof.
  • We have integrity, keep our promises and stand behind our work.
  • We’re members of the communities we serve.
  • We’re organic but we’re not hippies.
  • Organics are a process, not a product.
  • We work hard and play hard.
  • We are professional and altruistic.
  • We are educators and thought leaders.

Brand Differentiators

  • First to market
  • Stellar online reputation
  • Organizational infrastructure and roles structured for company growth
  • Innovative sustainable services
  • Customer service focus
  • Proprietary organic programs


Company Name Usage

  • Greenwise Organic Lawn Care, LLC formal Shouldn’t be used in site copy outside of logo or meta tags.
  • Greenwise informal Used throughout the site to refer to the company and preceding specific services.
  • Greenwise (plus service name) informal Used to promote specific services (e.g. Greenwise Snow Clearing, Greenwise Landscape Design, etc.).
  • Green super informal References to “going green” or being “Greenwise” are acceptable to build brand equity across the site.

Style Guide

When in doubt, follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Exceptions:

  • We do not use the Oxford or serial comma.

Descriptive Adjectives

  • Experts
  • Service-oriented
  • Organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Professional
  • Honorable (e. we have integrity)
  • Activists


Focus & Theme

Focused on sustainability, environmental preservation, eco-friendly garden maintenance, organic lawn care and local sourcing.

Website Audience Target

  • Potential new clients
  • Existing clients
  • Information seekers
  • Horticulturalists

Audience Personal Favorites

As provided in the kickoff questionnaire, the following is a high level overview of audience persona.

  • Shopping: Whole Foods, Starbucks
  • Radio: NPR
  • TV: The Daily Show
  • Social media: Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest
  • Websites: Houzz, Angie’s List
  • Interests: pets, children, schools
  • Hobbies: yoga, Ravinia
  • Clothing: Lululemon, Patagonia
  • Memberships: Botanic Garden, Art Institute, Field Museum
  • Entertainment: live music, dining out, summer fests, movies in the park
  • Chicago locations: Goodman, Lyric Opera, Chicago Symphony, Old Town School, SPACE, Broadway in Chicago, Ravinia

Website CTAs (calls to action)

  • Sign up
  • Learn more
  • Go Greenwise
  • Contact us
  • Subscribe
  • Request (referral cards, references)
  • Enroll
  • Give (praise, feedback)


  • Lighten your footprint.
  • Redefining the American lawn.
  • I am Greenwise.
  • Go Greenwise.
  • Change begins in your backyard.
  • The Greenwise Guarantee


Greenwise has two writing styles (voices) from which to choose:

Style 1 – Attentive and neighborly.

This voice is familiar and trustworthy. Plain speech is preferred over technical jargon. It is a two-way dialogue and a conversation with the audience.

What that means:

  • Sympathetic to the customer, structuring statements to focus on their needs.
  • Credibility is established by demonstrating understanding of the customer, not by chest-thumping.
  • As in conversation, copy mixes sentence length, using short statements for emphasis.
  • Headlines use a mix of statements and questions.

When to use style 1:

  • Service detail pages when describing available services or packages (g. Organic Lawn Fertilization)
  • Informational pages when defining concepts or techniques (g. Sustainable Garden Services)

Style 2 – Lofty and aspirational.

Easygoing but knowledgeable, this voice is energetic and conveys enthusiasm and awe.

What that means:

  • Addresses the audience, as if in conversation.
  • Intermixes short fragments with sentences for emphasis and to create a stream-of-consciousness cadence.
  • Employs inspirational and positive language without being superfluous.

When to use style 2:

  • Blog posts and social messaging.
  • Company detail pages when describing history or team (eg. About us page, About customer page)
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