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Turf Care Manager

The Turf Care Manager position is responsible for the management of all Organic Turf Care field operations at Greenwise. The company’s Organic Turf Care division includes 7 technicians.

The Turf Care Manager is an energetic operations leader responsible for improving the infrastructure, processes, and systems throughout the division. The Turf Care Manager is accountable for all aspects of Turf Care operations and is a key member of the Operations team, reporting directly to the Director of Operations.

This is an in-person position that starts at 6:45am and ends between 4:30-5pm most days.

The primary tasks and responsibilities of this role will include:

  • Establish defined plans for interruptions due to weather or shortened weeks due to holidays
  • Regularly attend sales meetings to encourage alignment between sales and operations

Product & Research Development

  • Evaluate efficacy of existing products through regular trials and testing
  • Research, evaluate and introduce new products
  • Research, understand and anticipate both common and uncommon turfgrass and weed issues
  • Develop prescriptive strategies for sales to suggest and for technicians to perform to mitigate issues
  • Work with sales team to diagnose and create solutions for client-specific turf issues

Creation & Communication of Service Strategy to Broader Company

  • Develop high-level schedule for season based upon established variables (e.g. ground temperatures, degree days)
  • Determine and communicate timing of services throughout the season (i.e. when services will begin and end)
  • Based on current conditions and issues, communicate internally and externally regarding best practices, issues to be aware of (e.g. watering regimen, mowing regimen, pest issues)

Fleet & Small Equipment Management

  • Plan for and communicate future equipment needs in coordination with Sales and Finance teams
  • Monitor condition of trucks, trailers and small equipment
  • Adherence to PO processes for equipment & tools (in coordination with Finance & Accounting)
  • Communicate repair needs to Shop Manager
  • Material management
  • Plan for future material purchases (in coordination with Sales and Finance teams)
  • Place orders with vendors
  • Regularly monitor inventory levels
  • Conduct monthly cycle counts and communicate inventory levels to Accounting Department
  • Risk management to minimize threat of damage, spoilage or theft
  • Accountable for minimizing inventory variance at end of season

Technician Hiring, Supervision and Evaluation

  • Determine staffing future needs (in coordination with Sales and Finance)
  • Evaluate new technicians for hire (in coordination with Human Resources)
  • Regularly evaluate turf technicians (in coordination with Human Resources)
  • Ensure technicians exhibit Greenwise core values and adhere to company standard and policies
  • Create and communicate skills matrix
  • Develop tool inventory for each technician
  • Ensure technicians are equipped with and care for the proper tools
  • Review and approve hours and approve requests for overtime

Training & Development

  • Improve upon and reinforce overall training development program
  • Ensure training program is conducted and followed by all


  • Plan the arch of production to maximize technician productivity and balance appropriate time of season for services to be performed
  • Regularly evaluate productivity of technicians (example KPI’s include: revenue per hour, overhead time, drive time and efficiency of routes)
  • Ensure all active services are scheduled and performed


  • Improve upon and reinforce safety program (in coordination with Operations Manager)
  • Ensure technicians understand Greenwise safety policy and protocol

Below are the required technical and job-specific skills a candidate will bring to this role:

  • Turf & weed knowledge and identification
  • Operators and Applicators pesticide license
  • Valid driver’s license and a good driving record
  • Ability to perform all turf services when required
  • Ability to lift objects greater than 75 lbs

Below are ideal, but not required, technical and job-specific a candidate may bring to this role:

  • Formal training or education in turfgrass management or agricultural management desired
  • Experience with Aspire or other cloud-based software programs, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

Below are the qualities that an ideal candidate will bring to this role:

  • Ability to set expectations and hold employees accountable
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Detail-orientation
  • Strong communication skills with internal team members, vendors and other third parties
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team
  • Ability to solve problems

This is a full-time role, year-round. This includes participation in our snow removal services between November and March.

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