Commercial Services

Commercial Services



Greenwise offers turf, garden, maintenance, snow removal and de-icing packages that allow all businesses to go ‘green,’ easily and affordably. We customize our programs to meet the specific needs of your business, and can also work with you to design a new landscape that will enhance your office experience. Our services can help you achieve or maintain qualification for the ever-increasing number of city, state and federal financial incentives for adopting environmentally friendly business practices.



(Mowing, Edging, Pruning, Weeding)
Greenwise uses alternative energies and the lowest-decibel, most efficient EPA-certified equipment available to clean up and maintain your business property.  Our methods ensure the good health and heartiness for your lawn, while reducing the emissions and the noise associated with traditional ‘mow & blow’ services. 

Greenwise uses the cleanest and quietest technology to effectively maintain a “clean cut’ look for your property. This includes a mow, edge, and trim. We use propane-powered, low-emission mowers, trimmers, and blowers to keep your lawn looking crisp on a weekly basis. In order to ensure optimal grass health and heartiness, we cut at 3 to 3.5 inches and leave the clippings.  This provides your turf with the ability to feed itself, retain moisture, and shade out pesky weeds.

While our turf crews tidy your lawn weekly, our garden maintenance crew -- lead by horticulturists and designers -- will maintain your gardens and planter once per month.  Proper pruning and weeding methods are employed to ensure that your plants receive appropriate trimming and weeding for their species and life cycle.



Spring Clean Up
: To start the season right, Greenwise brings your property back to life by removing winter debris, edging beds and walkways, pruning, trimming, and generally cleaning up your property so you can get out there and enjoy it. We offer many options so that you can customize your clean up to tie up any loose ends. 

Fall Clean up: 
Greenwise make sure that you are prepared for winter. We clean up all the debris and leave your property clean and ready for the snow waiting to come back to life nest year.



Greenwise provides commercial snow removal, ice control, snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling and ice removal to corporate and commercial clients throughout Chicago’s Northshore. We are experienced and reliable and offer custom, cost-effective snow and ice removal services that set the standard for safety, timeliness, and efficiency.

While other commercial snow removal companies may be bigger than us, no one is better. Our smaller size is our advantage—we accept only a limited number of commercial clients that we can first assess thoroughly, commit to servicing properly and can work with to customize their needs. We do not overbook our commercial clients because we know that when a storm hits, time is of the essence and we need to get it right the first time!

Because we are a “green” company, we offer you not just excellent snow removal service; we offer you excellent eco-friendly snow removal service. For many of our LEED-certified commercial clients, that’s not just a nice bonus, it’s a must.

Greenwise uses LEED-certified, all-natural ice melt that is safe for pets, plants, drives and walks, as well as safe for the environment.

We recommend applying ice melt to treat ice build-up and eliminate hazardous walking environments before they occur. Our eco-friendly, LEED-certified ice melt will also melt up to the ½ inch of snow accumulation forecast overnight and will facilitate future ice removal, making it the ideal service during the weather conditions we are currently experiencing.

We can add ice melt service to a snow removal package or can come to your property at any time to perform eco-friendly ice melt pretreatment or de-icing service.



Safe and vibrant turf should not only exist at home. In order to support a healthy environment for our future generations, we offer specials for all schools- nurseries through high school- to ensure that the grounds our children play on are always nontoxic. Recess needn’t be a time for worry; let Greenwise give you the piece of mind to let your kids enjoy it as they should.

We also provide excellent and reliable snow removal and de-icing service for schools to ensure that your students, faculty and families can arrive and depart from school safely and are not exposed to harmful de-icing chemicals while at school. We understand the critical rhythms of the school day and the peak drop-off and pick-up times when it’s vital to ensure the entrance drive and walkways are clear of snow and free of ice.



Click here or call us at (847) 866-1930 to request a bid. We are happy to schedule a free consultation in order to determine the specifics of your property needs, we can give a presentation to your board, or we’ll simply send a bid based on information given over the phone. Whatever the method, you will find that organic lawn maintenance and eco-friendly snow removal service is easily affordable and competitive with our traditional counterpart

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