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Take Action! Help Ban a Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Children


We’re reposting this petition we received from our friends at the Pesticide Action Network North America (PAN North America, or PANNA). PANNA works to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. As one of five PAN Regional Centers worldwide, they link local and international consumer, labor, health, environment and agriculture groups into an […]

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Winter Snow May Not Be Done, But Spring Will Be Here Soon: Time to Prep Your Garden


By Charlie Nardozzi, Horticulturist and Leonard Perry, University of Vermont Extension Horticulturist Reposted from The Big Blog of Gardening March 1, 2013 Spring arrives on March 20th this year, and there’s much to do before then to get your garden ready for the growing season. If you have fruit trees Spray horticultural oil on apple, plum, […]

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Greenwise Featured on New Site for the “Luxurious and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle”

Please take a moment to read the article about us featured on “The Green Connoisseur”,  a new website devoted to promoting the “luxurious and eco-conscious lifestyle”. Click here to read article. According to their site, The Green Connoisseur carefully and conscientiously delineates a criteria for all brands it reviews and discusses so that everything on its […]

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Soil Contains a Living Universe that Needs to be Nurtured

We came across the following blog post on The Living Seed Company’s website The Living Seed Company is “dedicated to the preservation of the genetic diversity in our food chain through the distribution and growing of open-pollinated seeds and educating about the life affirming art of seed saving.” We felt this article did a great […]

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Make a Resolution in 2013 to “Take the Better Gardener Pledge”

We came across the following article in The Big Blog of Gardening, one of our favorite and most useful blogs about “organic gardening and organic lawn care tips. Delicious vegetables, a green lawn and beautiful flowers without chemicals.”. After reading the entry, we had a “we couldn’t have said it better ourselves” moment, so we’re […]

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Welcome to Our Blog, “The Greenwise Council Ring”

Evanston Lakefront

The Council Ring shines as the signature piece in many gardens designed by Jens Jensen. Jensen was a mid-western garden designer/landscape architect in Chicago in the early- to- mid 1900s. He collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright and began what is referred to as the “Prairie School of Landscape Architecture”. Our plan with the Greenwise Council […]

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Service Alert for Monday, June 4, 2012: Natural Insect Deterrent Route Starts This Week

With rising temperatures following a steady stream of rain last month, entomologists predict Chicago-area residents should expect to soon see an influx of mosquitoes. In order to prepare for and help abate the inevitable mosquito invasion, we will be offering our Natural Insect Deterrent service.  We plan to start this route toward the end of […]

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