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Making Winter ‘Green’: Prevention Plays Key Role in Eco-Friendly Snow Clearing Services

snow clearing

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” –Benjamin Franklin Snow clearing is a dirty business. It’s generally run as an emergency response service with the focus on clearing snow after it has accumulated. This reactive approach to snow clearing leads to dumping lots of rock salt and other environmentally damaging materials on top of […]

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Got Weeds? Don’t Touch That RoundUp!

Weeds? Non-toxic weed control

Weeds are one of the more vexing aspects of every lawn care program. Knowing what weeds are and why they are in your lawn is the key to preventing them. Weeds thrive on weak, stressed turf and compacted, unhealthy soil. Eliminate those conditions and and your turfgrass will outcompete weeds. Every time. Weeds are natural […]

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Garden Maintenance: The Art of Caretaking

garden maintenance

Before After Garden Maintenance is an often-overlooked art form in the landscaping world. We naturally showcase photos of well-maintained gardens because they look gorgeous. What we don’t often see, however, is what the garden looked like BEFORE an experienced horticultural worked their magic. A neglected garden can be overwhelming to a homeowner because to someone […]

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Green Wise or Green Wash? Top Five Q & A’s to Help Select a Truly Green, Non-Toxic & Organic Lawn Care Company

non-toxic organic lawn care

Homeowners are increasingly demanding safe alternatives to toxic chemical lawn fertilization and more companies are claiming to offer organic lawn care programs. But are these program truly organic or are they just so-called “green washing”? Greenwashing is when a company spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually […]

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Calling All Green-Minded Landscape Designers: Come Grow with Us!

landscape designers

Thanks to the support of our loyal clients, Greenwise Organic Lawn Care is growing and we’re looking for enthusiastic, green-minded, professional landscape designers to join our team. If you’re a landscape designer — or know landscape designers — with a passion for excellence and a desire to redefine the American landscape, we’d love to have […]

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Top 5 Most Popular Lawn Care Practices… and Why You Should STOP THEM IMMEDIATELY!


Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s smart. We’re right to be skeptical when someone’s only reason for doing something a certain way is “that’s the way we’ve ALWAYS done it.” Doctors no longer prescribe applying leeches and beauty products & house paints no longer contain lead – both of which used to be […]

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Going Green Will Save Your Business Green

More companies are joining the charge to develop and invest in environmentally friendly work practices and environments — not just because its good for nature, but it’s also good for the bottom line. Companies are increasingly considering their environmental costs as a way to bolster their brand name and consumer confidence in their product. Outside […]

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Broken Promises: Despite Monsanto’s Assurances, Genetically Engineered Crops Result in INCREASED Pesticide Use

The following article originally appeared as a blog post at Beyond Pesticides ( Beyond Pesticides works with allies in protecting public health and the environment to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides. Insecticide Sales Rise with Failure of Genetically Engineered Corn (Beyond Pesticides, May 24, 2013) Insecticide sales have soared over […]

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